Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some NON-Comedic Humor From Bill Krystol

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Billy Krystol...Neocon

Billy Krystol...NOT "THAT" Billy Crystal, the OTHER comic, who edits the Weekly Standard, really hates him some Donald Trump.

Billy's always joking around, saying things like, Donald Trump isn't qualified to be POTUS!

Funny story, the current occupant PROVED that there are absolutely NO/ZERO standards or qualifications for that job. I mean RIGHT NOW, he's "dealing with a massive international terrorist act" from a baseball game in Cuba! How AWESOME is THAT?! You don't learn shit like that in any school! Bill Clinton had sex...lots and LOTS of sex, in the White House, so how hard can that job possibly be?

What Billy REALLY doesn't like is that Donald J Trump Billionaire ISN'T part of the GOPe...which Billy Krystol absolutely LOVES. Krystol calls himself, "The Bush's #1 sycophant, toady and lackey," I kid you NOT.

I thought that line was a lot funnier when Curtis Sliwa used it about him and his hero Rudy. Yeah, right as Rudy was doling out five figure raises to Deputy Mayors and Commissioners while ZEROING OUT cops, teachers and firefighters...funny stuff.

Recently, while on the Steve Malzberg radio show, Krystol said, "I guess their [the RNC] job is to support the official Republican candidate, but I don't support Donald Trump and I certainly hope we can deny him the Republican nomination. I want to explore the possibility of an independent Republican if Trump is the Republican nominee." (…/bill-kristo…/2016/03/22/id/720370/…)

So, right now, Billy Krystol's answer to a Trump candidacy is recruiting former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to challenge Trump in the general election this November!

WoW! Just...WoW!

Look, if the ANSWER is "Rick Perry," then the question was idiotic.

You know, if he keeps working on this "shtick," Billy Krystol could very well rival Billy the comedic world, at least.

Politically Billy Crystal is STILL worlds ahead of where Bill Krystol is right now...

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