Thursday, March 17, 2016

I AM the "Slim Shady"...

UWG Debaters to Harvard Debaters - "KILL Yourselves!"

Love that Eminem tune!...."Will the REAL Slim Shady please stand up...PLEASE stand up...PLEASE STAND UP!"

At any rate, Harvard's Debate Team recently invited some...well, knuckle draggers, to put it nicely, up to Cambridge, Mass from the good old University of West Georgia...and UWG debaters didn't disappoint, as they did their very best rendition of, "Will the REAL knuckle draggers please stand up...PLEASE stand up...PLEASE STAND UP!"

And they did it quite well actually, proving Schopenhauer's LAW yet again. To refresh, Schopenhauer's Law goes, "Add a teaspoon of sewage to a vat of fine wine and you get sewage. Add a teaspoon of fine wine to a vat of sewage and you get...sewage."

In short, if you admit a member of the Knucklis Draggus family (those with IQs between say, 70 and 90) into institutions of higher learning, get the expected, "Knucklis Draggus IN....Knucklis Draggus OUT." In other words, education doesn't make an 80 IQ person any "smarter." It DOES NOT and CANNOT raise their IQs, so, at the end of this expensive process, you wind up with an extremely frustrated 80 IQ person (a/k/a "a knuckle dragger") who's head hurts from looking at all those books and numbers...and books.

See what I mean?

The really sad, even pathetic thing about all this is the ongoing charade. Harvard administrators and the Harvard Debaters PRETENDING that the Knuckle Draggers among them were "students" who actually took learning seriously.

FOLKS...people with sub-normal IQs DON'T EVER take "learning" seriously. It makes their hair hurt!

At any rate, THIS is an example of WHY Affirmative Action DOESN'T WORK...and further, it also gives an insight into exactly the kind of racial bigots that populate the "Black Lives Matter" and "F*uck the Police" movements...just making a note of that.

According to the article, "Ironically, the debate topic was supposed to be about renewable energy."

Uhhhhh HELLO Harvard Administrators!? Knuckle Draggers don't even know what "renewable energy" is.

How are they gonna debate about something like that?!

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