Saturday, February 20, 2016

The “Gang of Eight”

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The "GANG of Eight"

It’s very hard for me to understand what “Establishment” Republicans “DON’T GET” about the anger of their own base.

I DO! I “get it,” perfectly.

Of course, I’ve ALWAYS said that, “The Republicans Party is a very poor vehicle for Conservatism,” at least the Conservatism of Southern whites and Northern ethnic Catholics, mostly pro-Union workers. I stand by that.

One of the BIG issues facing American workers over the past 40+ years has been IN-Sourcing – the importing of cheap migrant labor to do jobs that Americans WON’T do for less than $15/hour.

So, HOW did our “Republican Congress" respond to American worker’s demands for LESS In-Sourcing and MORE expenditures on education and re-training?

Yep, with the vaunted “Gang of Eight.” A gang tasked with pushing for and rationalizing even MORE In-Sourcing!

And what a “gang” it was, eight Corporatists, eight anti-American worker pseudo-elitists, eight socially liberal dipshits.

BOTH Parties have sold out their constituencies on this issue. Democrats KNOW that once Hispanics gain citizenship they (1) retain their devoutly religious stands and (2) begin to vote, as most ethnic Catholics do, more conservatively, while Republicans make no bones about their corporate shilling for cheap labor for their corporate masters.

In-Sourcing cheap labor hurts ALL U.S. workers by lowering the wage floor. Americans largely set up the 3rd World education systems that are now producing the engineers and physicians we employ with all those H-1B Visas, proving that they COULD DO the SAME THING right here at home...if they wanted to and if they wanted to pay American workers a decent wage!

The Senate’s vaunted “Gang of Eight” was an utterly bi-Partisan affair, albeit entirely Corporatist collective in its makeup.

The four Democrats were;

Sen. Michael Bennet, D-CO
Sen. Richard Durbin, D-IL
Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ
Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY

Yes, four very Left-wing Democrats ALL apparently willing to welcome in a huge wave of ethnic Catholics virtually guaranteed to become regular Conservative voters once established here. Sure, both Schumer and Durbin envision a “permanent Hispanic underclass” mired on welfare and attached to the “Democratic Plantation” – NOT gonna happen...and being completely honest, they KNOW it!

As for the “Republicans.” Well, their resumes speak for themselves;

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-AZ – A guy about whom, Dave Weigel of Bloomberg Politics, once tweeted an ironic story with Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina calling Senator Flake the “RINO of the year.” Enough said!

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC – A certified liberal Democrat “dressed up” as a Republican.

Sen. John McCain, R-AZ – A “Born Again” Corporatist (the very worst kind) who reviles Conservatives of every stripe. A man who disgraced himself and his Party by running a veritable Vaudeville campaign back in 2008 during which he quipped the immortal line, “I don’t know much about the economy.” WHAT is he STILL doing on the Senate?! Oh yeah, same thing Lindsey Graham is, screwing over American workers.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL – At least Rubio shills for ever more GOP support from this new wave of ethnic Catholics, nothing wrong with that EXCEPT that it ignores the economic bomb called In-Sourcing!


THIS is the exactly what’s made the Conservative/Libertarian base of the GOP so angry with the Bush-Boehner-Graham-McCain wing of the GOP...and rightly so.


FIREBIRD said...

From the RINO perspective and that of the Obama voters, Rubio would be a great president. Like Obama, he's a first term senator, he has no experience or accomplishments, he supports amnesty and open borders, his biggest donor is Goldman Sachs, and he supports TPP.

While at first glance, Rubio is charming and well spoken and seems very bright, MY problem is....Marco Rubio is NOT even close to being a wealthy man. He's had late mortgage payments and bought an $80K speedboat with book proceeds that should have gone to pay off debts..... sadly, this makes him an easy target for the wealthy CONTROL-FREAK donors that have run the Republican party for years. Rubio is the epitome of the establishment candidate..... but that isn't all..... Again - compare him to the existing White House occupant.... both are for sale to the highest bidder.... and while Rubio is NOT the only Republican running.... he's the closest thing to another Barack Obama we have..... he just has an (R) after his name, unlike Hillary, who is sucking up to Obama now in hopes his justice department won't put her away for life...... The one thing this country does NOT need is another Barack Obama.

There is so much anger at the Republican establishment at the grass roots level this year and it's just amazing that these party bosses cannot see it - or to date, have failed to take it seriously. No one owns Trump - and that's why I will vote for him. He's not perfect by any means but he's far better than the alternatives from either party.

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