Friday, November 6, 2015

You GET What You Pay FOR....

Today, Corporate interests OWN ALL of America's national media.

The news isn't merely filtered, it's pretty much made up, or "manufactured."

Colin Flaherty has shown (via extensive video proof) that America is awash in black-on-white racial violence ( He's written four best selling books and the media STILL ignores that actual "news," because they apparently think they still control "most of the access to information." As a result, they haven't been able to figure out an effective way of silencing, or at least discrediting the likes of Colin Flaherty.

Well, that's what Corporate America gets after dumbing down the schools and flooding the national media with mediocre English Lit and Art History majors.

In short, you get what you pay for.

A contemporary case in point is how the national media has gone about remaking the Oregon shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, with a half-assed "media makeover."

The news media here (YES, including FNC) all paint an apparently erroneous picture of Chris Harper-Mercer as a troubled loner...very much like Dylann Roof.

BUT Chris Harper-Mercer appears to have been anything but a "Dylann Roof clone." Funny story, Dylann Roof wasn't even the "DYLANN ROOF" the media described after that horrific crime. The "racist," "gun-loving" Dylann Roof the media wrote about, apparently DIDN'T exist according to the multi-racial group of friends of that troubled teen.

In fact, Chris Harper-Mercer was part of a theater group that was in the process of putting on a Noel Coward play (Blithe Spirit). He was listed among the production assistants on a Facebook page for the event (…). That page has been deleted, but the screen shots (like this one) remain.

So, Chris Harper-Mercer DIDN'T appear to be a "loner" at all, since loners generally don't go in for artistic collaboration, ESPECIALLY in the communicative arts.

Despite the fact that the LA Times wrote, "The gunman was described Friday as a “hate-filled” individual with anti-religion and white supremacist leanings who had long struggled with mental health issues..." he INSTEAD appears to have been very motivated by SUPPORT for the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement. Apparently, Chris Harper-Mercer was a very troubled bi-racial suburbanite kid, with many of the anti-white, pro-Islamic leanings of BLM groups around the country. the BLM lie,The truth is the national media has marketed BLM as some sort of "Civil Rights" group, when it is really, a group that has tapped into the innately anti-authority voice of all youth. Few, if ANY teens like cops, and that goes for Court and Corrections Officers and all other forms of law enforcement, because, to us as teens, those professions represent "the establishment," and in some communities, they are, in many respects, surrogates for parents. So, to teens and those adults whose growth remains stunted in their teens, the police represent an authority they revile as much as they need.

When I was in HS, I remember driving through an extremely expensive area on Staten Island (Todt Hill) and remarking to my firefighter father, "See all these gates around here? They have them to keep people like me from taking all the stuff that they stole?"

I remember that ride because my father told me the truth, when he snorted, then replied, "Are you kidding? THESE are the people whom if ALL the wealth in the world were divided up equally, they'd have control of 80% of it within a year."

He was absolutely right. Producers produce...and win, while losers gripe...and sometimes set fire to their own areas. in other words, "Kittens DON'T f*ck cats!"

So what's going on here with the Chris Harper-Mercer reportage? Haven't corporations reflexively tapped into teen aged angst for decades? Isn't this an easy way to "fleece the rubes?" Only this time the rubes are, for the most part, mis-educated, urban/suburban youths.

While much of Chris Harper-Mercer's online profile has apparently been scrubbed and in some places highly edited (all of it AFTER his death), some poignant posts STILL remain on screen captures, like this one here (…/oreg…) Yes, that was Chris Harper-Mercer's response to the BLM assault on a Bernie Sanders speech in Oregon last month; "Good job! Fuck white racist pigs like Bernie!"

Does THAT sound like a "troubled teen with WHITE supremacist leanings?!"

NO, it doesn't! It VERY MUCH DOES sound like an emotionally disturbed supporter of the BLM movement.

So a corporately owned (bought and paid for media) CAN'T effectively whitewash a single individual's online profile more effectively than this?!

Yup, you get what you pay for. Apparently our corporate titans SHOULD HAVE spent more money on some engineering majors and a little less on all those English Lit & Art History majors.

Actually, I'm personally kind of glad they didn't...

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