Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today’s “Black Rage” is Rooted in Black Dysfunction and Self Hatred

Afrikan Black Coalition
"Afrikan Black Coalition" Bigot at Rally

First, some inconvenient FACTS: The ONLY reason the world has had the Industrial Revolution was thanks to Northern Europeans. That’s a FACT, like it, or not. Ditto for our current and ongoing "Information Age." In fact, one of the primary founders of our current Information Age is Dr. William Shockley (inventor of the transistor, the cornerstone of the digital age), a noted and historically accurate racial theorist, aside from also being a brilliant engineer.

Sub-Saharan Africa (where ALL the enslaved blacks originated) did not even have the wheel until around 1750, when Europeans introduced it to that region. They had no written language until the Portuguese codified Swahili into written form. The peoples of that region lived as animals, foraging for food like other more primitive primates. THAT is why the humans from the rest of the world saw that group as, “So primitive as not to be fully human,” during that time period. The once prevailing “black inferiority” viewpoint DID NOT develop in a vacuum.

Interior black Africans were enslaved by more advanced Coastal Africans and first sold to the Arabs in the Zanzibar slave trade. I am mostly European with some Arabic admixture...the Maadis (on my Mother’s side), who derived from the Mahadis, who were among the early principles in the Zanzibar slave trade, which began in to 1300s and went on until the late 1800s.

The European/American slave trade was relatively short-lived by comparison, beginning in the 1600s (until 1700 there were more Irish slaves in the Americas than blacks - Oliver Cromwell conducted a very successful genocide in Ireland, dropping its population from over 1.6 MILLION in the early 1600s to under 500,000 by 1670) and ending in the early 1800s. The USA banned the importation of slaves on March 2nd, 1807. England did so the year before that.

The West (NORTHERN Europeans, "The LIGHT of the World") were over 200 years (and counting) ahead of the rest of the world in abolishing chattel slavery. That primitive practice STILL thrives in large tracts of Asia, throughout the Arab Middle East and, of course, throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Computer studies (the SAME kinds of computer models that have tracked the expected effects of global warming) show that left on their own, the people of sub-Saharan Africa would NOT have anything like an Industrial Revolution for more than 5,000 years from now. Since our computer projections don’t go any further out than that, it’s impossible to accurately predict when, or even IF, that group might have been expected to advance to where Europe was during the 1700s.

That does NOT mean that sub-Saharan Africans would've remained in that primitive state. There are other possibilities. There is the possibility that they may have even skipped over certain steps that the Western path took to reach an even more advanced state, at an earlier point in time. Such computer models can't account for such possibilities as they are programmed by Western minds (even blacks educated in Western schools have "Western minds" today), so certain "other" possibilities tend to be overlooked.

Certainly EVERY group has its strengths and weaknesses. The outrage today is that American blacks under 50 years of age, who’ve suffered no actual, overt bigotry, and in fact, over the past 4 decades, have benefited from the ONLY NATIONALLY institutionalized form of segregation ever to exist in America – the segregated standards/racial preferences of “Affirmative Action” - harbor such inane racial animus from their position as privileged beneficiaries of such longstanding, national programs.

In NYC some black Civil Service exam candidates have actually been given the answer keys to various upcoming Civil Service Exams...and STILL failed them in epic numbers. It actually happened in the FDNY, on the 1985 Lieutenant’s exam and it's occurred on a number of other Civil Service exams, as well.


In my view, “Who cares?” I certainly don’t. I am not of that group. Moreover, IF one is a high achieving black, who cares why others fail and then wallow in their own misery? “It sucks to be them,” simple as that.

Today, slightly over 70% of black Americans are middle class, or above today. The other nearly 30% have failed themselves. Moreover, American blacks continue to inflict genocide upon themselves. At just 12% of the population, they’re having 36% of the abortions nationwide, year after year. Murder (retroactive abortion) is the leading cause of death for black males age 16 thru 36. As a result, TODAY, fully 1/3rd of the blacks in America are immigrants and their descendants from the Caribbean &/or Africa. Without that immigration pattern, American blacks would today total just 8% of the population today...and they’ve done that to themselves!

Long the 2nd largest ethnic/racial group in America, today blacks have fallen to the 3rd largest ethnic group, as Hispanics have taken 2nd place after whites and Asians are quickly gaining, and are expected to become the 2nd largest ethnic group by the turn of the 21st Century, and putting blacks in fourth place somewhere around 2020.

If blacks want to see the face of their real enemy, all they need do is look in a mirror.

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