Friday, November 6, 2015

Quentin Tarantino Doubles Down on Stupid...

Tarantino refuses to apologize for anti-cop comments
Quentin Tarantino

Rather than apologize, back track, or even just clarify his recent anti-cop remarks (calling police "murderers"), or even merely saying nothing...Tarantino broke his silence earlier today only to amplify those comments; “What can I do? I’m not taking back what I said. What I said was the truth. I’m used to people misrepresenting me; I’m used to being misunderstood. What I’d like to think their attack against me is so vicious that they’re revealing themselves. They’re hiding in plain sight.”

Unfortunately, the "Black Lives Matter" movement quickly morphed into an anti-cop movement orchestrated by groups that have become de facto "Thug Unions."

One of the basic principles embedded into Western Law (written into the Magna Carta) from which all other modern Constitutions have derived, is that, "The criminal class is excluded from participation in a democracy." In the U.S. a felon serving over a year in jail (1 year and 1 day) loses their right to vote. In short, the criminal class "does not count."

Theoretically, even in a nation in which 60% of the population were violent felons WESTERN democracy would acknowledge 0% of those violent felons as legitimate voters.

THAT is why the BLM movement is so warped, perverted and pernicious. It seems to seek, deliberately or not, to give voice to that part of society that disenfranchised themselves from civilization.

For Quentin Tarantino to lend his voice to it, is reckless and irresponsible.

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