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NBC’s Faux Anti-Fascism is SICKENING

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Here’s what I don’t get about NBC and the GOP, that network, more than any other profits off of our current Corporatist economy (the partnership between business and government – the economy of fascism) with its $7.2 BILLION in annual earnings! The GOP is every bit as fundamentally Corporatist as...well, as is their counterpart, the Democratic Party.

Moreover, recently CNBC has been the network that’s been the most “pipelined” into the (largely) GOP’s precious metals strategies – the ongoing push for gold/silver sales has been run almost exclusively by various Republicans and GOP supporters...and CNBC, more than any other “financial network” has steadfastly helped those folks hawk the “panic buying of gold and silver.”

Moreover, politics (Left or Right) have no bearing on our Corporatist economy.

While Progressivism (America’s name for its form of Corporatism) began with Teddy Roosevelt, it has taken even firmer root in the Democratic Party, especially after the death of JFK.

Today, BOTH major political Parties are firmly and completely Corporatist, the only thing that separates them is the teams of corporate entities that “own” each of them. The media is completely corporately owned (yes, including FNC) and academia is controlled and kept in line via grant money funneled through a Corporatist government. Those who support the “Company line” get grants, those who refuse...DON’T.

The saddest, most pathetic dupes are those who continue to believe things like, (A) “The Democrats are the Part of the people,” or (B) “The GOP is the traditional values Party” NIETHER is, nor ever has been the case.

Which brings me back to the strange case of NBC, and its affinity for far-Left political ideologies. Fact is, BOTH far-Left and far-Right politics threaten the established Corporatist structure, but today, the most serious threats have all come from the far-Left...the hate-filled “Occupy Wall Street Movement,” along with its equally well organized and well-financed subsidiary, the “Black Lives Matter” movement threaten the existing Corporate order. The media and entertainment outlets that lean Left, ARE merely projecting a false image...confirmed Corporatists presenting themselves as "Populist Anti-Fascists" to the "rubes."

Yes, cynically, some like Tim Carney (author of The Big Ripoff) and others have speculated that the Corporate media seeks to commercialize and subsume such movements, thereby negating any real, or lasting change such groups may seek to effect, and that’s almost certainly more likely correct than the idea that ALL the folks at such outlets are so addle-brained that they’re all die-hard Leftists.

Seriously, the only thing that makes fundamentalist “flat earth, anti-evolution” Born Agains look less imbecilic are the mouth-breathing dolts of the Left who spout “science” they neither understand, nor really care much about and believe that die-hard Corporatists like Hillary Clinton and other so-called Left-of-Center pols are “for the middle class.”

Perhaps I’m even more cynical, as I believe that rather than subsuming these movements into the commercialized mass marketing machinery, these groups may be seen as the vanguard of the Corporatist front, or its “shock troops.” I believe those movements have never needed to be subsumed, as they were created by and were born of the political/media class of the Corporatist hierarchy.

Corporatism NEEDS a scapegoat, at all times and everywhere. That scapegoat doesn’t always have to be an ethnic/religious minority, not at all. The machinery makes no distinction between the cogs in its wheels. Just as there were Jews (Capos...just ask George Soros) who aided the Nazis’ extermination machine, members of any given ethnic group can be incentivized to target their own. Many police and military personnel fear losing their positions far more they worry about whom they’re directed to target, let alone the immorality of targeting ANY specific group.

For those Corporatists who’ve vowed to “fundamentally change” America, what better way than to follow up changing the nation’s demographics with making middle class whites that targeted group for the “sin” of having been “historical oppressors?”

Why would predominantly white media people and politicians support targeting other whites? For one thing, those in the political/media class don’t see themselves as “white,” they see themselves as “transcendent,” and as such they have very little use, or regard for those “other whites.”

So, could the former white middle class, once “the backbone of America,” become America’s scapegoat, when the time comes?

Why not?

Any time we assess the world around us, we must first seek to determine “What is real?” That is especially vital today, when virtually all the “news” we receive is not merely “filtered,” but often “staged,” or “created.”

When a media outlet like NBC, that profits mightily off what many point to as a “commodities scam” (building a gold/silver bubble), through its collusion with members of the political Party it claims to revile, then things are not at all as they seem.

The two major political Parties have long been engaged in a prolonged piece of kabuki theater, with each Party playing its part as either “hero of the downtrodden,” or “supporter of the status quo,” when neither has any real enmity for the other, except perhaps that of rivals for the same plum positions in a rigged system. The only real enemy of the political/media class is those of us who don’t belong to it.

So, now the GOP is severing its ties with NBC after CNBC's hosts used questions as attacks.


The hosts at CNBC looked like dorks doing that. They embarrassed themselves and their station and now the GOP is given the opportunity to "stand up to the media," while looking like martyrs to a biased and out-of-control news media.

A neat trick. Whenever a media outlet abandons subtlety, they are attacking the Party they pretend to favor.

I might be wrong, but I doubt it...I think the media's tactic through 2016 will be to nakedly attack the GOP, making themselves look biased (they can always have an "epiphany" later) and thereby undermining the Democratic nominee.

Maybe they feel, "It's time."

Yeah, time to make sure the facade of a "viable two-Party system" still exists, as though both Parties aren't mere subsidiaries of Corporate America.

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