Monday, November 23, 2015

Here's PROOF That You CAN'T Save People From Themselves...

Image result for Despite Having Heart Attack, Many Smoke, Are Obese

A recent Gallup poll shows that significantly more Americans who've had heart attacks continue to smoke and are obese! (
What such studies show is that it's impossible to legislate "good health," or a "better world" because you just can't save people...from THEMSELVES.

Hard as it may seem to accept for those who desperately WANT a world where everyone makes the most of the life they’re given, that CAN’T be controlled by us...from the outside.

The ONLY person that any of us can change is ourselves. Anyone who’s ever had a family member lost to drugs and/or alcohol knows, or eventually comes to know that ONLY the afflicted person (often, only after hitting “rock bottom”) can change him/herself.

We CANNOT change others and all too often, our attempts at “help” only prolong the other person’s agony, by “enabling” their addictions and delaying the inevitable crash.

More often than not, “tough love” is the ONLY path that offers ANY hope.

Looking to legislate or make policies that seek to equalize people is as hopeless as seeking to legislate morality. Laws against violent crime, even murder have done nothing to reduce the murder rate, because such laws and policies do nothing to actually change those they target.

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