Monday, November 23, 2015

Bought and Paid For Racial Unrest

With more “White Student Unions” popping up on campuses across the country and with so many numerous hoax ( anti-black threats and intimidation becoming more numerous on America’s College campuses (, racial polarization in America is actually MORE pronounced on its College campuses than elsewhere.

Ironically enough, the exact WRONG WAY to approach this issue is exactly how our Corporately controlled Media and Academia are inclined to approach it..."Good and 'oppressed' non-whites and bad and oppressive whites."

Incredibly enough, by almost every observable metric, it is precisely the reverse. Things have sure changed since 1955.
Blacks (12% of the population) have committed over 50% of all murders nationwide since 1976.

Whereas in 1955, some 9 stated STILL had "Jim Crow" laws that codified into law. Since at least 1974, blacks have benefitted from the ONLY federally mandated form of segregation - the segregated standards of "Affirmative Action."

Moreover, despite the HUGE advances blacks have made, BOTH our Corporate media and Academia have coddled and encouraged black racial grievances both real and (mostly) imagined in a generation of highly privileged blacks who've suffered none of the actual racism/bigotry early generations of blacks were subjected to. Every black person alive in the USA and under 40 years of age has lived their entire lives as the MOST privileged class EVER to have existed in America...the ONLY group to have ever benefitted from a national program of segregation.

The fact that that segregation has done little to advance the majority of blacks into places like Law Schools, Medical Schools, etc., is NOT the fault of “flaws” in those unconstitutional programs, nor of any latent, or “institutionalized” bigotry or bias against blacks.

As a result of such programs, the truly aggrieved group today are young whites, subjected to a pernicious and unjustified segregation of standards and, as a result, we have a HUGE problem brewing in America that we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg YET, and our Corporately controlled media and Academia continue to stoke that fire.

The truth is that this country never experienced any kind of national program of segregation UNTIL the mid-1970s when Affirmative Action morphed into the system if segregated standards that exists today.

On top of this, many Academic stooges continue to encourage racial grievances, NOT among today's dispossessed and disenfranchised whites, but among highly privileged minorities!
It should come as no surprise then, that white resentment and hostility is at an all-time high.

I've said for years, what this issue requires is the SAME approach uses to address equally legitimate grievances by blacks in the 50s and 60s; "Outreach and assistance to make sure these disenfranchised whites have their legitimate grievances addressed, the way others had theirs addressed earlier on. Let's look to make the feel "welcome and comfortable." Let's recruit them and offer them remedial classes, pipeline poor whites from Appalachia and elsewhere into the Ivy Leagues and seek to redress their grievances, BUT let's avoid the stupidity of subsequently stoking their own feelings righteous hostility and only leads to a very dark place!

In truth, we SHOULD be looking to get past racial/ethnic grievances and beyond “counting by race and gender.”

Those days are mired in the past and way OUT of that morass is NOT to dwell on past grievances but to look forward and put such antiquated bigotries and policies behind us.

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