Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Idiots at GAWKER (Inadvertently) Stump for TRUMP!

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Donald Trump

File this under, "Goofy people SHOULDN'T attempt practical jokes."

The dopes at Gawker ( released one of Donald Trump's cell phone numbers (as IF they didn't know this would turn out to be used as a campaign stunt FOR Trump) and just as any real practical joker would expect, "The Donald" simply replaced his original greeting with a campaign message turning the joke back on Gawker.

The folks at GAWKER, Raw Story and Comedy Central should probably stay out of political things they don't understand...which seems to be pretty much ALL political goings on.

It seems that a LOT of those in the media/political class (most of the idiots in the media STILL don't seem to realize that most Americans have long KNOWN that they're part of that same separate class of Americans) are upset that Donald Trump has "gone off the reservation" and is "upsetting the apple cart."

BUT they seem to insist on wondering WHY he continues to outperform all these other seasoned "politicians."


Trump is the ultimate "NO Vote," the best available protest vote, for those Americans who are sick of the destructive policies of the political/media class.

I know very well about the attractiveness of "NO Votes," as I voted for Diane McGrath back in 1985 AGAINST Ed Koch....and I LIKED Ed Koch! I just DON'T LIKE the professional political/media class very much, never have.

Looks as though I was just a little ahead of the curve on that.

The MORE Trump is attacked by the corporate media, and the MORE he's assailed by other "outraged career politicians," the MORE popular he gets and the BIGGER his support grows.

What is a little puzzling is why the reliably pro-Democratic media outlets have suddenly become so anti-Trump. You'd think that they'd want a controversial, outsider like Trump as the GOP standard bearer...especially as that SHOULD make it easier for whomever the Democratic candidate ultimately is...BUT that has NOT been the case.

You know, the more lame media stunts (like this one) that I see and the more goofy political responses (like Lindsay Graham showing several ways of destroying a taxpayer paid for phone) put out there....the MORE I LIKE Donald Trump.

He may not be all that "for real," BUT he's a LOT more "for real" than most of the plastic people in our political/media class.

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