Monday, July 20, 2015

Is Donald Trump THAT Lucky...OR Could he be (Politically) THAT Good?

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You'd think that after Donald Trump's inartful rant about illegal immigration and criminality, that he'd be toast, at least politically, but NOT "The Donald."

As if on cue Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (…/san-francisco-murder-case-exposes-…) commits a brazen, senseless murder in San Francisco, a notorious sanctuary city and makes the national news cycle.

Suddenly, Donald Trump looks downright prescient. UNFORTUNATELY, once again, the VERY REAL problem with illegal immigration gets overlooked! The primary problem with illegal immigration (a/k/a In-Sourcing) is that it lowers the wage floor for all American workers. THAT hurts ALL American workers. The crime, the drugs, etc. are not only ancillary, but they're a relatively minor part of the in-sourcing. Disney recently came under fire for doing exactly that (…/last-task-after-layoff-at-disney-t…) and the firestorm after it, forced them to reverse that ugly decision (…/in-turnabout-disney-cancels-tech-w…)

Amazingly enough, lady luck STILL seems smitten with Donald Trump!

The business world hasn't been nearly as forgiving to Mr. Trump. Of course, the reason for that is that most of those corporate entities LOVE the cheap labor that in-sourcing cheap labor brings.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump hasn't much addressed the disastrous economic consequences of illegal immigration/in-sourcing.


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