Saturday, March 14, 2015

WHAT’S the Difference Between These TWO Incidents?

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SAE Fraternity

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Robert Poe at ASU

This past week (week of March 9th, 2015) fraternity members from a fraternity called SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) at the University of Oklahoma were tossed off campus, and two of its members were expelled ( over this ugly incident; (

While down in Arizona State University, we have a violent bigot, claiming to be an “anti-racist,” in Robert Poe, who teaches a hate-class entitled “The Trouble With Whiteness,” whose openly advocated violence against those he disagrees with; ( As a result ASU's administration has scrubbed his status as a teacher from the Internet and made overtures that it’s considering firing him altogether.

WHAT is the difference between those two incidents...those two examples of expression?

The simple answer is VERY LITTLE.

If there is ANY distinction at all, it is in Robert Poe’s actively encouraging/inciting violence, compared to the SAE dopes merely singing a vile, bigoted song. Robert Poe may well have engaged in an actual criminal act - inciting violence.

Once again, the national media has its priorities mixed up; the SAE controversy is a tempest in a teapot. As disturbing and unsettling as the underlying theme expressed in that song was, it DID NOT rise to the level of criminality, the way Robert Poe’s incitement very possibly did.

It’s judgments like these that say all that needs to be said about the national media’s very warped, often hateful, even anti-American agenda.

No wonder FNC recently won the “most trusted network” poll ( The bar is set so very, VERY low!

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