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Kam Brock, who IS actually followed by Barack Obama!

32 y/o Kam Brock of Long Island was held for 8 days in Psychiatric Ward for what appears to be possible criminal actions by police (seizing her car without cause) and what appears to be a profound incompetence on the part of some mental health workers.

Ms. Brock’s experience began September 12th, when the NYPD took possession of her car, a 2003 BMW 325Ci, in Harlem because they suspected she was high on weed, according to her attorney, Michael Lamonsoff. (

Police found no marijuana but confiscated her car anyway, he said. The NYPD declined to comment. (GOOD idea...keeping your mouth shut when you're wrong)

There is no longer ANY “discretion” allowed in the application of ANY of our laws now-a-days, nor SHOULD there be. That is, IF an attorney from a white shoe law firm wouldn’t have his car seized after police found no contraband, then police have absolutely NO discretion to treat anyone else any differently.

At any rate, the next day, Brock walked into the NYPD’s Public Service Area 6 station-house in Harlem to retrieve her car. Brock, described in accounts as “an eccentric 32-year-old born in Jamaica with dreams of making it big in the entertainment business,” admitted that she was “emotional,” but insisted she wasn’t in any way an “emotionally disturbed person.”

Nevertheless, cops cuffed her and put her in an ambulance bound for the hospital, her suit charges.

Once in the clutches of Harlem Hospital’s Psych Ward, things took an ugly turn, when Ms. Brock told the staff that President Obama follows her on Twitter. Ironically enough, @BarackObama follows over 640,000 accounts, including hers. The doctors at the Unit were also skeptical about her working at a bank, records show.

(OK, the fact that none of the doctors knew that @barackobama follows so many people isnt "incompetence," NOT having the curiosity to FIND OUT, certainly IS!)

According to a NY Daily News report, “a ‘master treatment plan’ from Harlem Hospital backs up the Astoria Bank worker’s story."
The Daily News report goes on to deliver some of the staff's notes, “Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter,” the document reads.

It also notes, “Patient’s weaknesses: inability to test reality, unemployment.” ”

OK, how about the staff of this place's "ability to test reality" coming into question? That seems to be a pretty BIG issue here.

The Daily News also reported that, “Adding insult to insanity, the hospital hit Brock with a bill of $13,637.10, she charges in her suit seeking unspecified damages.”


Can you smell that?

Because I smell a 7-figure settlement here.

Hell, I'd give her a ton of cash simply for police taking her car in the absence of evidence.

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