Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Unlikely Source Triggers More Angst Over America’s Race Debate

Tal Fortgang

About a week ago, a white kid from Westchester (Tal Fortgang), made national news with a piece he penned in the Princeton Tory titled, “Checking My Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege.” (

He’s been lauded by some, had his essay republished in Time Magazine ( and vilified by others (, mainly the purveyors of the modern-day segregation of race/gender preferences.

So, THIS is what the pro-segregated standards advocates have retreated to, that "majority" males (since all existing societies are considered "patriarchal"), ethnic Chinese males in China, black males in Jamaica, ethnic Japanese males in Japan and white males in the USA derive some nebulous and ill-defined "privilege" from that majority position.

That's utter nonsense everywhere, but in the U.S. part of that "white male privilege" has been a half century of segregated standards on virtually ALL standardized exams, racial preferences that favor virtually EVERY other group over themselves AND being lectured by the truly privileged - both the recipients of those segregated standards and other assorted privileges, along with the political class," most of whom have never EARNED those positions, but merely won a variety of "popularity contests."

It’d be different IF the segregated standards of “Affirmative Action” (USA)/Positive Discrimination (UK) (depending upon how you prefer to euphemize such segregation) had existed only a decade...or maybe two, BUT five?!

Come on!

We've had a full half a century of segregated standards that are rooted NOT so much in the belief of white (and Asian) supremacy, but more aptly “black incompetence.” Today’s race-based preferences stem from the presumption that blacks (even well-off blacks from well-to-do families) cannot compete with whites and Asians, no matter what!

Regardless of how loudly SOME of its advocates howl, THAT is precisely the presumption that this modern day segregation is based on, just as surely as the pro-abortion-on-demand movement is rooted in the conviction that the poor (and ethnic minorities) will much more readily avail themselves of that  procedure than others...AND they DO! Blacks (appx. 12%) of the population account for over 35% of the abortions in America nationwide, a disparity that takes some doing. For the record, while I vehemently oppose race/gender preferences, I strongly support abortion-on-demand, at least through the 20th week of pregnancy.

An example of how pervasive this anti-white male bias is can be seen in a recent and ongoing debate about the state of major league baseball (MLB) in America today. As many Latin and Asian players have flooded MLB, the number of black professional baseball players in MLB has sharply decreased, as has, interestingly enough, the number of white players, BUT the ONLY question being asked is, “Why are there so few American black players in MLB?”


Now, I’m not a great sports aficionado. I've never had any season ticket packages for any professional sports franchise, nor even any pay-per-view sports package on cable, BUT, I follow the culture and I have never heard ANY arguments that blacks are somehow presumed better athletes than any other ethnic group and can only assume that the ONLY people who’d even make such an argument would be the SAME type of people prone to make arguments about blacks being innately less proficient cognitively. Since I won’t take such arguments seriously, I can ONLY chalk up this singular concern over the plight of blacks in MLB as indicative of the pervasive cult of anti-white bias and dark-skin privilege.

What else could it be?

ONLY in the "bizarro world" of the pro-racial preferences advocates the "privileged" are "the under-privileged." ONLY in that world is segregation (segregated standards) “fighting for racial equality.” Brainless, emotionally charged movements like those supporting segregation in the name of “equal opportunity” tend to be shameless as well.

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