Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two Abuse Cases Point to a SINGLE Solution

Abused Omaha toddler (above), murdered Myls Dobson (below)

Over the past week an Omaha, NE video of a toddler being grossly abused (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIUpvtIqgKw)     and a another toddler murdered in New York City (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fz5ouzWV20) have captured the attention of much of the country.

Dimwitted people in the national media have rushed to defend the Omaha situation as a “lifestyle,” much the way CNN’s Melissa Harris-Perry defended a welfare mother who’d had six children by five different men as a “lifestyle” choice...this is not a valid viewpoint.

While I'll admit that I've never thought about the possibility of such a situation in terms of a legitimate “lifestyle choice,” but I’m quite certain that if I’d had, I’d have rejected that possibility out of hand. It’s not Ms Harris-Perry’s fault that she’s not very bright, nor is it her fault that she seems to fail to see the reason for the widespread support for abortion on demand as eugenics...the poor take far more advantage of abortion than do middle class women and black females (appx 6% of the population) account for a whopping 35% of all abortions nationwide!

All of that is “to the good,” but unfortunately it doesn't go far enough, at least not nearly far enough to save the dysfunctional from themselves.

The case of 3 y/o Myls Dobson and that of the unnamed Omaha toddler clearly show that the dysfunctional poor cannot humanely be left to their own devices. Mandating contraception for the dependent poor and declaring all dependent poor as “unfit parents,” while on those dependency programs is the ONLY way to prevent such cases from recurring is to prevent such irresponsible people from having children to abuse.

Mandated contraception, far from a ‘punishment,” is instead a means of keeping the chronically irresponsible from being burdened with responsibilities they cannot possibly meet.

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