Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pathetic Harvey Weinstein – Lost in Fantasyland

Harvey Weinstein

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, recently announced plans to make a movie that “will make the NRA wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

What a Diiiiick!

The naïvely doltish movie producer and one of Obama’s top fundraisers made the dopey announcement on the Howard Stern radio show.

In the interview, Mr. Weinstein stated that he believed that no one in America should have a gun. He claimed that the only time to use a gun for protection is if “you’re marching half a million people into Auschwitz”!

The idiotic Weinstein apparently fails to realize that the Weimar Republic required all German citizens register their guns in the 1920s and soon after that the Nazis took power and used that existing list of gun owners to confiscate all privately owned guns in Germany, targeting the Jews first.

Howard Stern asked Weinstein how he’d have gotten a gun if he were being marched to Auschwitz and Weinstein replied that he would have simply found a gun.

Seriously?! No one but the simple-minded Harvey Weinstein ever thought of that one?

Nope...turns out the Germans were ruthlessly efficient in disarming the Jews, then slaughtering them.

What Harvey doesn’t understand is just how EASY it is to make a gun. I have a full machine shop in my basement and can make a better gun than most people could buy. Here’s a video showing how such illegal gun-makers thrive in the Phillipines where over 2,500 politicians have been assassinated since 2000! (

I’ve made high quality guns, BUT I’ve used high quality metal, even some genuine parts, but I greatly admire the skills of these Filipino gunsmiths, making high quality looking guns (45s and 9MMs) out of scrap metal...check that video out. It’s VERY impressive.

BUT guns aren’t even close to the deadliest problem facing us today. I know of at least five undocumented gene splicing labs in places like Costa Rica, Madagascar and other remote places. Some have said that as many as nine such labs now exist, I only know of five, but I’ve always said “at least five,” and it is from places like these that the next, much more effective form of terrorism will be launched. In effect, genetic mutations with viruses can allow diseases to be targeted directly to various ethnic groups, geographic locations and various and specific genetic irregularities found in specific groups, like the XXY chromosome common to many hermaphrodites.

In other words, no one needs guns to “march 6 million Jews” or anyone else to any killing stations, instead they can simply let the winds blow that devastation into your living rooms.

Maybe idiots like Harvey Weinstein haven’t figured that out yet, maybe they’re so focused on guns they haven’t thought about anything else. Who cares?

The problem is that even IF Harvey Weinstein had his heart in the right place, his head ISN’T even close! Guns aren’t the problem at the heart of the mass killings and school shootings in America, mental illness is.

What do Adam Lanza (Newtown, CT), James Holmes (Aurora, CO), Jared Loughner (Tuscon, AZ) and Colin Ferguson (LIRR killer) all have in common?

Mental illness.

America simply does a piss poor job of dealing with the mentally ill.

It is obviously NOT the “easy access to guns” that creates or even exacerbates gun violence in America, New York State has some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation and one of the highest gun homicide rates. New York City has even stronger anti-gun laws and the gun homicide rates there are the highest in that state, while in neighboring Vermont, with the most liberal gun laws in the nation (an adults need no permits at all to carry either a pistol or assault weapon), which in 2010 had the LOWEST gun homicide rate in the U.S.!

The serious mass killers coming down the pike aren’t mentally ill, and they aren’t going to use guns either. Moreover, these killers won’t even have to know anything about genetics themselves, they’ll be able to contract with any one of a number of rogue labs to concoct the targeted disease of their choosing.

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