Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Liberal Fraud....

Many of those who support more government involvement, higher taxes and a more equitable distribution of the wealth are people who themselves refuse to live in accordance with their professed views in real life.

Their lame refrain often goes, “Well, if that’s the rules that are set I’m going to live by them.”

That very view makes both ideological frauds and moral cowards of all such people.

People who believe in something can and should live their own lives by those principles, so long as they don’t violate any laws.

A business owner, attorney, physician or trader who believes in a more equitable distribution of income could very easily live up to that standard by, for one thing, paying his staff, right on down to the janitor significantly more than the market rate, while taking less out of the business for their own compensation.

Henry Ford did that and changed the face of manufacturing in America, by transforming what were once low-wage, dangerous jobs into high paid positions that increased the size of the American middle class.

And while there is no way for an individual to increase the government’s level involvement in our lives, there’s certainly no laws against any individual who truly believes that they are under-taxed from simply donating more monies to the government via their tax returns.

Again, a true believer isn’t obsessed or even concerned with what others are paying, the true believer is focused on living up to their own ideological standards...anything less makes one an ideological fraud.

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