Sunday, June 27, 2010

England to Obama: “Go Fu-...STUFF Yourself!”....

Turns out that just a few days ahead of this weekend’s G-20 Summit in Toronto, U.S. President Barack Obama sent word to the other G-8 leaders NOT to cut spending at this critical juncture.

This week, England’s new coalition government did exactly that, massively slashing spending; $16 BILLION from its welfare programs, freezing all government worker’s salaries for 2 years, even freezing the Queen’s budget. They also raised sales taxes, the Capital gains tax and levied new bank taxes.

In other words, Great Britain responded to President Obama’s missive with a perfunctory, “Thanks for those wonderful DVDs that didn’t play in our region, but all the same, go fu-...STUFF yourself!”

Canada, among others, appears to be heading in the very same direction England is. In fact, it appears that President Obama is the ONLY G-8 leader NOT on board with massive spending cuts!

How's that "restoring America's standing around the world," working out for ya?


The Constitutional Crusader said...

Funny. Europe gets it, but the guy who wants us to be more like Europe doesn't get it. Weird or intentional? You be the judge.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

It's really odd because Europe just loved BO, were all high on hopeychangey . . . until they saw the actual results of their welfare state socialism. They're waking up, and I hope America does before it's too late.

In the meantime, good for the UK for standing up to BO. He's hates that country almost as much as he hates this one.

JMK said...

Well TCC, they only seem to "want to be more like Europe" when Europe's doing goofy left-wing things, like gold-plating its welfare system, hiking taxes through the roof and killing off jobs.

Now that much of Western Europe is turning away from that, NOW you'll hear calls for "asserting our independence from parochial Europe."

JMK said...

Hi Fuzzy!

You're right, although Western Europe and the U.S. have always been out-of-step. We jumped on Keynesianism first (from 1964 - 1981) and they became more keynesian in the late 1970s through the mid-90s....then Sweden and some other former "Euro-socialist" nations began turning back to markets.

The last five or six years, we're the closest to in sync we've ever been. GW Bush embraced the high-spending Keynesian dogma and even though the Housing Bubble was the direct result of malevolent government intervention in the mortgage market and the market-skewing forces of the huge GSEs (Fannie & Freddie) the current collection of dolts deduced that the solution to "too much cow bell was....MORE COW BELL!" So that ratcheted UP the spending and we embarked upon the hyper-Keynesianism we find ourselves in today.

Yes, Britain and Canada, among others are set to pull the plug, but the Obama administration keeps on naively insisting that "these (failed) policies just need a little more time."


Like how long, I wonder?

Like until we hit the Stagflation of the late 1970s again?

I don't think we want to go there.

Skunkfeathers said...

The voters need to follow this message to a tee, come November '10 AND '12. This moronic libtard called Barry is the worst joke the American electorate has played on itself since the country was founded.

JMK said...

Let's hope that the plan to make PR the 51st state, grant citizenship to some 15 million ILLEGAL aliens and grant D.C. statehood aren't pulled off before November 2010.

If they can ram those through, the thinking is that today's Right (those who respect individualism, limited governance and private property rights) will be all but swept away.

The "new right" that would later emerge, would be effectively, "Euro-socialism Lite."

I think those things can and will be effectively blocked through November and then it's up to the electorate to UNDO this disaster.

The FIRST STEP is changing over BOTH Chambers of Congress. That would effectively derail the Obama agenda and make way for a sharp turn to the Right.

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