Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Senator Jim Bunning’s (R-KY) Righteous and Courageous Stand...

Today, one solitary Senator once AGAIN blocked even a 30-day extension of jobless benefits and other expired measures. The measure would also extend highway programs and prevent a big cut in Medicare payments to doctors, that would another $10 BILLION to the Deficit, UNTIL Congress found a way to appropriate the funds needed for those programs...without further borrowing!

Senator Jim Bunning doesn't oppose the bill, just the fact that Congress is once AGAIN spending money without funding that spending.

Senator Bunning has proposed to pay for the extension with unspent money from last year's massive economic recovery package, but Harry Reid objected that.

For that, Senator Bunning is being condemned by dolts for daring to hold Congress to its own words!


Merely because he’s insisting that Congress pay for this latest spending - $10 billion in an emergency Transportation and unemployment funding measure that Congress has, so far, refused to fund.

Moreover, as Bunning points out, just a few weeks ago Congress passed the "PayGo" law that requires Congress to fully fund all new discretionary spending. Bunning is simply holding them to their own word!

Instead of doing the right thing and addressing THEIR obscene deficit spending, liberal Democrats have instead sought to make some political hay out of Bunning’s courageous and righteous stand. Senator Patty Murray of Washington, came to the floor to attack Republicans for blocking the legislation.

"Today we have a clear cut example to show the American people just what's wrong with Washington, D.C.," Murray said. "That is because today one single Republican senator is standing in the way of the unemployment benefits of 400,000 Americans."

"He's hurting the American people," Collins said when asked Tuesday if Bunning was hurting the Republican Party.

Actually, what Bunning’s stand does is highlight the cowardly hypocrisy of Congress’s liberal members, a group that passed PayGo scant weeks ago, only to refuse to abide by it now.


Linda said...

This senator is to be commended! We need more like him. Where are the Republican Senators? They should be backing him 100%. Thank you, Senator Jim Bunning!

JMK said...

Sadly, the other Republicans, like their Conservative Democrat friends fear that such a vote would be used to slime them by the MSM....they also fear, I'm afraid, that the voters are either too disengaged, too naive &/or frankly, too stupid to really understand the issues.

Actually, where they're right is that most people, while not caring one bit about the other guy's freebies, will fight vehemently for their own.

Skunkfeathers said...

A senator who actually had the cajones to hold the pres to account for something the pres trumpeted not two weeks prior: "pay as you go".

One more lie from the top; and one more sign that next to NO ONE in CONgress gets what's coming at them in November.

JMK said...

It IS disgusting SF and what's even worse is that so many of us are so uninformed even at this late hour.

We have a vile MSM that excoriates a hero like this as a cruel ogre looking to hurt the unemployed and transportation workers.

Yes, more of us NEED to get our news from alternative sources and more importantly THINK for ourselves.

What Bunning did is what America NEEDS! To hold the government to account for the money it spends.

The only other alternative is a future akin to Greece's current chaos.

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