Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rep. Patrick Kennedy "Moron Esquire" (D-RI) Cites.....(gulp)....Bigotry

OK, he's been banned from receiving Communion by his own Church...he's been in and out of rehab more times than a pop starlet and he's consistently one of the most effusive DUMBASSES in the U.S. Congress - here's a sterling example of Patrick Kennedy's slurring stupidity.....On a brighter note, at least he's not running for re-election this Fall!


Dan O. said...

Obviously, just another moron trying to get by on the family name.

You got it right in your title. What a Moron. And yes it deserves capitalization when referring to this guy.

"...they happen to be UNdocumented and you're calling them aliens" Does this guy own a f*#$ing dictionary? Or ever read the Constitution? Ever heard of EITHER?

Why do people vote for such obvious schmucks?

JMK said...

"Why do people vote for such obvious schmucks? (DanO)

That's one of the things that makes you wonder how rampant voter fraud really is!

Skunkfeathers said...

Voter fraud...voter apathy. ACORN accounts for a good deal of the former; lazy, disinterested sheeple account for the latter.

I have to believe this, or I have to believe that there is a US House district in Massachusetts that is the dumbest, ill-educated collection of welfare whores, to elect Barney Frank. Rhode Island just decided to dumb down to "I'll see your Frank, and raise you a drunken, stoned Patrick". And San Freakcisco would elect an inflatable dummy -- Bela Pelosi is on par with one -- long as it hates conservatives.

Interesting times ahead. Hope we survive 'em with the libtards running the ship into the shoals.

JMK said...

I agree with you to a large extent over "voter apathy and disinterest/disgust with the political system," and even some naivete, such as blaming/crediting an individual President with a good/bad economy, when Congress controls fiscal expenditures and tax policies, the things that most directly impact the economy....BUT, in my heart (and it's really just a gut feeling) I do believe there has been and for a very long time now, a substantial amount of vote manipulation.

The only thing I can point t to bolster this feeling is the rabid, hysterical reaction that both Parties get when faced with the possibility of a "transparent vote system" set up by the other side.

I fear that the GOP establishment keeps a certain number of "Moderate"/liberal Republicans in office, so they seem to articulate their fears as "allowing to expansive a vote" (including illegals and felons, etc), while the liberal Dems panic at the mere mention of any real kind of voter transparency.

I may be wrong in sensing such widespread and pervasive vote manipulation and I hope I am, BUT, the corruption inherent, ESPECIALLY among liberal Democrats makes me wonder what would keep them from trying to set up exactly that type of built-in (voter-fraud) advantage.

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