Friday, March 26, 2010

Not AGAIN! - MSNBC's Ed Schultz - Time For 'Socialism' In Talk Radio

What a DOPE!

Ed Schultz is envious of Limbaugh's ratings but wants to blame an "non-level playing field."

WRONG's not any disparity in the playing field, it's the huge disparity in talent, THAT and the fact that the Conservative message resonates with more than TWICE as many Americans as the Liberal one does.


Skunkfeathers said...

It's obvious as hell what Ed and equally lower-than-snakespit morons like Keith Olbermann want: they want the (un)Fairness Doctrine, so people who willingly tune into Rush and like-oriented programming, will be FORCED to listen to Ed, Rachel, Olberdoof et al, make libtard asses of themselves. They reckon that conservative talk radio will be forced from the air, since no radio station will want to risk being adjudged "unbalanced" by the in-the-hands-of-fascists (for now) FCC.

Ed & Co. can't compete in the free market battle ground of ideas: because theirs are unAmerican, anti-free market, command and control fascist/marxist/socialist ideas that the majority of Americans OUTRIGHT REJECT. Proof is no harder to find that the popularity of Rush's show, and the capsizing and sinking of Air America, George Soro's marxist answer to Rush. Or compare Fox News popularity to that of MSNBC. Game, set, match.

Ed, face it: you, your ideology, and your presentation, all suck. In the arena of freedom and liberty, you LOSE, because what you want FAILS everytime and everywhere tried. The human spirit will NOT BE CONTROLLED the way libtards want it to be. Not when they've had the taste of freedom, free thinking, self-reliance, and American exceptionalism.

Ed, my only question to you is thus: are you a moron by birth or choice?

JMK said...

That last question is a tough one.

Akin to, "Is it real or is it Cover-girl?"

In Ed's case I think it's a bit of both.

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