Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Oh BABY!!!...

Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade for $100 MILLION over its “Talking Baby Ad.”

Of course, a “talking baby” named Lindsay had to be Lindsay Lohan, right?...SORRY!...But Lindsay Lohan is NOT a one-name star like Madonna or Jordan or Ali, or Oprah...sorry, but she’s not.

Apparently however, she DOES think she’s exactly that...or else her suit’s suggesting that she is a “Milkaholic!

You can see the entire hilarious, Super Bowl-airing ad here;

You know, that “talking baby” really DOES look a lot like Lindsay Lohan...OK, not really. Just another sad “sign of the times,” I guess.


Dan O. said...

I almost drove of the road when I heard this the other day.

Lindsay Lohan is just another young washed-out, Hollywood never-was-but-coulda-been, child star who couldn't transition into the big girl roles and will do absolutely anything for 5 more seconds of recognition.

When this doesn't work she'll go to shoplifting or porn-lite movies just to see her name in print.

Useless L.A. trash.

JMK said...

It is amazing isn't it.

Today they've trotted out some internal marketing emails that show...(gasp)....the "milkaholic" baby's name was originally "Debbie."

So? And they went through tons of other lines before coming up with "Mila-a-Whaa," so what does any of that prove?

I do agree with you about her "doing anything for just another 5 seconds," which sadly reduces her to the level of "the balloon boy's parent's" - the Heinie's.

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