Monday, March 22, 2010

He Said It! - Al Sharpton Claims American Public Voted for Socialism When Electing Obama

With friends like Al Sharpton, the President hardly needs enemies! With the number of Conservative-Americans increasing from a low of 37% in 2007 to 41% and rising today and with Independents shifting wholesale away from the Democrats they voted for in 2006 and 2008, Al Sharpton throws a little gasoline on that already raging fire.


The Constitutional Crusader said...

He's always been good for that. This time, though, his Messiah is the one who gets burned.

JMK said...

It is funny that it's working out that way.

Even more astounding is the fact that Sharpton matter-of-factly stated such an anti-American absurdity.

I know lots of people today don't even understand what socialism is, but our Constitution's adherence to private property rights is antithetical to socialism. Amazingly enough, far more immigrants from socialist tyrannies and second-generation Americans whose parents suffered in such places know this a lot better than most Americans seem to.

We are heading down a very bad path and I think this crew is going to try and speed through as nmuch of its agenda before November.

I guess we'll see.

Skunkfeathers said...

Ah, one can always count on a moron like Sharpton to screw up and tell the truth once in a while (about Barry's objectives).

JMK said...

" can always count on a moron like Sharpton to screw up and tell the truth once in a while..." (SF)

True enough, BUT perhaps the most troubling thing about this statement is the fact that Sharpton and so many others on the Left had no problem with this viewing of socialism as "benign," when it is anything but.

More reason to realize that many on the Left can't be converted but must be confronted and ultimately shut down and defeated.

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