Thursday, March 11, 2010

“Greedy” Health Insurance Companies Score HUGE With Obama-Care!....


According to RedState ( AND the CBO, “Big Insurance” (the name LIBERAL Dems use to excoriate their very best friend) is set to receive $436 BILLION in direct tax credits “PAYABLE DIRECTLY TO INSURANCE COMPANIES”!

SEE CBO doc at:

And Red State’s GREAT piece:

That's RIGHT, the BIG Health Insurers are set to get $436,000,000,000 in tax credits "PAID DIRECTLY TO INSURANCE COMPANIES" via Obama-Care!

With all this guaranteed money to the health insurers and “Big Pharma,” is there any way this Bill won’t be an abject disaster for 90% of the American people?....AND how CAN'T "the fix be in?"

After all, the Health Insurance Companies practically WROTE the Senate Bill. Remember?

-->"The compromise health care reform proposal introduced by Sen. Max Baucus on Monday appears to have been literally written by a former health insurance company vice president...
"...The proposal, which does not provide a public option but compels individuals to purchase health insurance, was written by Liz Fowler, a former vice president of WellPoint and currently the senior counsel to Baucus."

-->(The PDF can be found ( To see the author, save it to your hard drive, right-click on the icon, and select “Properties.”)

Hey! In a sense, the Health Insurers just did what Congress so often does, in voting themselves a largesse! In this case, the Health Insurers just wrote themselves a $436 BILLION check...on all our accounts!


WomanHonorThyself said...

voting themselves a largesse..the legislation is controversial at best and yet they continue to ram it down our throats!

JMK said...

The amazing thing is that through our the lying fake outrage and demonization of "Big Health Insurance" and BIG Pharma" the Liberal Dems have been comfortably and cozily in bed with them.

In fact, not only was the Senate Bill written by the Health Insurance Lobby, it gives them over $400 BILLION in taxpayer funding "DIRECT to the Insurance Companies!"

If they push this through, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. Not only will Congress be turned over in the mid-terms, but this will be gutted and defunded by an antithetical Congress prior to its ultimate repeal.

We NEED to be as activist as the other side from here on out...the useless eaters Union (ACORN) is fighting hard for "Mo money for No woik," the productive 85% of Americans have to press for "NO money for those who don't produce."......"PRODUCE or perish" should be our mantra.

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