Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Disastrously WRONG Focus on Terrorism....

This Left-wing administration and an equally Leftist mainstream media’s inane focus on “domestic Right-wing terror” threatens to undermine our national security and put millions of Americans at an extreme and unnecessary risk

The arrest of 31 year-0ld Jamie Paulin-Ramirez (pictured above, bottom), in Ireland this week, has apparently given some people some very misguided “ammunition” against America’s focus on “radical Islamic jihadists.”

NEWSFLASH, BOTH Jamie Paulin-Ramirez and Colleen LaRose (pictured above, top) the suburban Philadelphia “soccer Mom” turned jihadist, were “radicalized MUSLIMS!

How bad is America’s PC strictures against properly DEFINING, let alone fighting the War on Terrorism (WoT)?

Well, this week, Lydia Khalil (pictured left), born of Coptic Christian parents in Egypt and grew up to serve on the NYPD’s counterterrorism Unit and is currently a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote an incredibly misguided opinion piece titled, Stop Minimizing Right-Wing Terror, insinuating that America is threatened far more directly by its “militia movements” and Tea Party activists than it is by Islamic extremists!

OK, for one thing, Right-wing terror has been dwarfed over the last two decades by a far more real and virulent Left-Wing terror campaign – that of ALF, ELF and other radical Leftist terrorist organizations.

AND...ironically enough, the two latest “domestic terrorists” (John Patrick Bedell a/k/a “the Pentagon shooter” and Joseph Stark a/k/a “the Austin IRS kamikaze”) were BOTH ardent Leftists.

Bedell was indeed a registered Democrat, a Bush-hater (OK, who wasn’t), and an anti-Capitalist, which pretty much translates into an "anti-American.”

Likewise, Joseph Stark was a Bush-bashing, anti-Capitalist whose final message lauded Marxism over Capitalism (The Marxist creed: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, TO each according to his NEED.....The Capitalist creed: “From each according to his GULLIBILITY, TO each according to his GREED.")

Yes, undoubtedly BOTH these men were avowed Leftists a/k/a “Liberal Americans.”

And yet, Lydia Khalil starts her piece off with, “It's tax season and everyone hates paying taxes, so in a way it was easy to shrug our shoulders at the attack on the Austin, Texas, IRS building last month.”
She goes on attempting to link Joseph Stack to the Tea Parties and other “Right-wing” causes, “But violence by those espousing extreme anti-government views is no joke, and it's time to stop putting the serious and growing threat of homegrown right-wing extremism... Elected politicians are pandering to this anti-government sentiment in order to gain the so-called Tea Party, populist, "stick it to the man" vote.”

Lydia Khalil almost certainly means well, but good intentions count for nothing when you’ve got your facts wrong.

In one part of her essay she intones that, “Statements like these  (joking or even rationalizing anti-IRS anger) by elected officials who have sworn under oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," are deeply disturbing.” While in the VERY SAME article she references the reprehensible Left-wing smear group The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that has railed against The Oath Keepers (police, military and emergency responders who swear to uphold their oath to the Constitution and NOT obey any orders that would violate that oath) as “dangerous and conspiratorial!”
The fact is, “radical Constitutionalists” are part and parcel of America’s time-honored history, American “Liberals”/leftists are NOT.

As Barry Goldwater correctly stated, “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.”

As deep-seated and widespread as Left-Wing domestic terrorism is, it is currently dwarfed by the threat of radicalized Muslim “jihadist terrorism.”

And yet even a former counter-terrorism analyst for the NYPD, a woman born to a Christian group (the Coptics) in Egypt, who have been viciously persecuted by Islamists, SEE:
 sees fit to minimize the jihadist threat, while (deliberately or not) mislabeling America’s most immediate and prolific domestic terror threat – it’s from the LEFT, NOT from the RIGHT.

Intentional or not, this is no menial slip-up, as this ill-conceived refocusing on domestic terrorism needlessly and foolishly puts millions of Americans at both an extreme and completely unnecessary risk.

We’ve already been attacked twice by jihadist terrorists during the current administration – the Fort Hood massacre and the attempted, yet thwarted Christmas Eve jet-liner attack over Detroit.

Apparently it’s going to take a significant body count to wake up some Americans.

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