Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What’s Going On Over At MSNBC?...

MSNBC has long made its stock and trade in left-wing nuttiness, from Chris Matthews “tingling legs,” to his referring to West Point as “enemy territory,” to his inane State of the Union Address “post-racial” gushing, “It's interesting: he is post-racial, by all appearances. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour"...to David Shuster’s inane tweet directed at James O’Keefe “@JamesOKeefeIII a) you are not a journalist b) the truth is you intended to tap her phones c) it's a felony d) you will go to prison,” all the way to Keith Olbermann’s calling Scott Brown, the new Senator from MA., “a homophobic, racist, teabagging, ex-nude model,” and even more recently,  MSNBC has done its best to alienate mainstream America, while plumbing the depths of cable news depravity.

All of which is almost certainly why the most recent ratings scoreboard looks like THIS:

The Scoreboard: Monday, Feb. 8

By Kevin Allocca
Tuesday, Feb 9th, 2010

25-54 demographic: (L +SD)

Total day: FNC: 455 | CNN: 144 | MSNBC: 116 | HLN: 155

FNC: 792 | CNN: 181 | MSNBC: 241 | HLN: 185






It’s gotten so bad at MSNBC that even the business channels are speculating about the demise of one of its stalwarts. DailyFinance even asked, “Is America Getting Over Keith Olbermann?”

In that piece, it noted that, “Ratings for Olbermann's Countdown have been soft recently, and the 8 p.m. shows on CNN and HLN have narrowed the gap. In the important demographic of adults 25 to 54 - the group advertisers are looking to reach - Countdown was down 44% year-over-year in January. It averaged 268,000 viewers in that demo, only 3,000 more than Nancy Grace's show on HLN, and 12,000 more than CNN's Campbell Brown. Fox News's O'Reilly Factor dominated the hour with 964,000 viewers age 25 to 54, and was the only cable news show in the time period to increase its audience, by 55%.”


For his part, Olbermann responded with his typical aplomb, calling DailyFinance "a right-wing site" and accusing them of “cherry-picking” ratings data.

MSNBC’s far-left tilt was initially bankrolled by GE, but they’ve sold NBC and its affiliates to ComCast Cable and the dismal ratings at MSNBC can’t possibly sit well with a real media company!

Maybe GE’s Jeffrey Immelt would subsidize a televised version of Air America, but is ComCast Cable really going to do the same?

And why even bother?

Especially with “Countdown’s” pulling in only slightly more than a QUARTER of O’Reilly’s viewership.

All of this has had MSNBC president Phil Griffin forced to respond:

"Keith has been our tentpole," he says. "I watch the show every night. It's a great show. It's as smart and clever and fun as any out there, and I'm pleased with where we are."

Griffin claims to attribute Olbermann's January ratings slip to a news cycle in which international news, rather than domestic politics, was the No. 1 story. "On big, breaking international news, CNN tends to do better than us. They did a great job in Haiti, and I tip my hat to them," he says. "We're the place for politics, and there are times when politics does great, and there are times when it doesn't." Looking ahead to this year’s primaries and the coming midterm elections, he says, "I think we'll get our momentum back."

Hardly a ringing endorsement, eh?

Sounds more like what you hear when a sports team is looking to unload an aging player.

For the final word, Keith Olbermann retreated, appropriately enough, to the Daily Kos, where he wrote, “Let me cut to the chase (since this is besides the point, except insomuch as it contradicts the meme): the show isn't about to be cancelled. It isn't slumping. MSNBC isn't worried about it. NBC isn't worried about it. It is making them a - damned fortune, in fact (and they'd owe me a - damned fortune if they did cancel it, which they aren't going to).”

TRANSLATION: “Alright the jig appears to be up, but MSNBC’s going to pay through the nose for firing me...I sure hope Sports Center’s saved a spot for me...Dan?...Dan Patrick???...Hey bud...How ya doin’?”

At any rate, I have three questions for old "Red Bell Bottoms" Olbermann; (1) When your station's President has to acknowledge that a competitor "does international news stories better than we do," isn't that a cause for concern?...(2) Would you please define "damned fortune" for us?...and (3) "Tentpole?" That sounds waaay too close to A$$hole, doesn't it?!


Attorneymom said...

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Skunkfeathers said...

Sounds like the prez of PMSNBC is in slightly less denial than Olberbutt is.

I don't watch anything on PMSNBC; absolutely nothin' there to watch. Wiping my bum with sandpaper would be more stimulating.

I reckon PMSNBC will start culling their 'Airhead America' ratings busters within a year, if not sooner, if Comcast wants to sustain them as anything other than a cable TV test pattern.

But since I don't pay subscription fees to Comcast for service, it ain't my money they're throwing away on the lowlife likes of Matthews and Olbermann.

Seane-Anna said...

JMK, what's going on at MSNBC is big time DENIAL. The libtards there can't admit that they're failing because that would mean admitting that everyone in the country doesn't think like them. And THAT is a reality too horrible for them to digest. So they deny their collapse or, if they do acknowledge it a little, they attribute it to something other than the belief system they're peddling.

This is all too bad for liberals but great fun for the rest of us who get to watch the media flagship of the Left sink like the Titanic. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

WomanHonorThyself said...

long time no see..snowed in here!

namaste said...

chris matthews is on medication, don't you think? he seems to suffer from delusions of grandeur.

great post!

keep calling them out, jmk!

Nicholas said...

Herr Olbermann: “It is making them a - damned fortune, in fact…”

Given the combination of Herr Olbermann’s low ratings (and correspondingly low ad rates) and high wages, I don’t see how he can be making the station any money, let alone a fortune.


Nicholas Stix

JMK said...

"Chris Matthews is on medication, don't you think?" (Maria)

That would explain a lot, Maria, however, the evidence would suggest that whatever meds he's on, aren't working - referring to West Point "Enemy territory" and gushing over Barack Obama's SOTU Address that, "I forgot he was black tonight," seem to suggest that perhaps something stronger may be needed, like ECS therapy, perhaps.

The ratings tell the story, FNC's 455 for the day compared to MSNBC's 116!

The Prime Time numbers are equally bad news for MSNBC with Fox garnering a 792 to MSNBC's 241.

JMK said...

"Given the combination of Herr Olbermann’s low ratings (and correspondingly low ad rates) and high wages, I don’t see how he can be making the station any money, let alone a fortune." (Nick)

You're right Nick, BUT logic isn't the forte of the Left.

How sad is the fact that Olby is the "ratings king" of MSNBC, with his 302 share, compared to Matthews 205, Ed Schultz's 112 and Rachel Maddow's 230....I can't figure out how that station is making any money at all!

And how bad is it that Olby is actually SECOND to O'Reilly at 8PM with that 302 share, beating Nancy Grace (245) and Campbell Brown (141)...all three combined (688) fall short of O'Reilly's 1154), in fact all three combined don't garner even 60% of O'Reilly's ratings!

How are those guys making any money at all?

JMK said...

"long time no see..snowed in here!" (Angel)

Yeah, I think we were all snowed in here in the northeast, though the osouth's getting smacked again today. It's been a really weird winter so far.

I hope to get around a lot more....I've been running around doing some instructing, besides working.

JMK said...

"what's going on at MSNBC is big time DENIAL. The libtards there can't admit that they're failing because that would mean admitting that everyone in the country doesn't think like them. And THAT is a reality too horrible for them to digest." (Seane-Anna)

That's true, but it's even worse....the Liberals do such a terrible job when in office and such a GREAT job alienating people as "pundits" that they seem to drive more and MORE Americans to the Right!

Americans self-identifying as "Conservative" has gone up FROM a low of 37% in 2007 to a little over 40% today (with appx 14% "very conservative"), while those who self-identify as liberal number only around 20%, with only 5% "very liberal")....and the number of Conservatives only seems to be growing.

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