Sunday, January 31, 2010

Irony – Tiller's Killer Gets LIFE!...

In a weird irony, Scott Roeder (pictured above), the anti-abortion activist who shot and killed Dr. George Tiller, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life, after his “justifiable homicide” defense failed.

He’ll be sentenced on March 9th, 2010 to a sentence of life....and be eligible for parole after 25 years!

So, in the end, this sad trial highlights the illogic of both extremes on this issue...those who support abortion up through the last day of pregnancy (ie. those who support the killing of even the fully formed and viable outside the womb innocents) still oppose the Death Penalty for those who murder, while ironically enough, the most radical of those who seek to defend the LIFE“the Army of God” of the unborn (for instance, those in ), are willing to kill to do just that.

As I said, I can respect the Catholic Church's stance on LIFE because it’s consistent – the RC Church opposes BOTH abortion and Capital Punishment because it holds that “ALL life is sacred.”

As for me, I am consistent too, in that I DON’T accept that ALL life is sacred. I accept abortion on demand up through the time when the child is fully formed in the womb (about 20 weeks) and I support the killing of those who commit heinous crimes, such as murder, repeat child-rape, etc.).

Not at all surprising is the fact that this case also demonstrates the dysgenic effect of violent crime, which is yet another reason to support the Death Penalty. In the overwhelming amount of violent crimes (almost certainly well over 95% of the time) the victim is far more educated, accomplished and valuable to society than is the perpetrator.

In this case, Scott Roeder, was a relatively unaccomplished and deeply troubled individual. In the six months before his arrest, he'd worked for an airport shuttle service, a party-rental shop, a convenience store and a property management enterprise.

After Scott Roeder's arrest, his ex-wife, Lindsey Roeder, claimed that Roeder had been suffering from mental illness and that at about the age of 20 he'd been diagnosed with possible schizophrenia. So a marginally employable man, with a history of mental illness kills a physician.

See the glaring disparity there?

Can you see how that disparity diminishes the productive capacity of any country that doesn’t excise such dysgenic acts with a swift and horrifying response, one that would serve as a deterrent to others? Such penalties do so and without question, as fully 7 of the 10 nations on earth with the lowest violent crime rates are Arab-Muslim countries where some of the most horrific punishments are meted out.

You can peruse the world crime rates by scrolling about six or eight posts back.

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