Sunday, January 31, 2010

Acknowledging Yet ANOTHER Mistake...

Yesterday the Obama administration acknowledged that scheduling the 9-11 Trials in downtown Manhattan was an ill-conceived idea.

It took a lot of doing, with NY Senator Charles Schumer and Mayor Mike Bloomberg having led that fight from New York.

Security concerns, cost concerns and the logistics of having to lock down America’s financial hub, all make lower Manhattan a very poor venue for such a trial.

On January 27th, Bloomberg said that he wanted the trial moved, a change from November when he said he supported holding it in lower Manhattan.

In comments made earlier this week, he said security for a trial in lower Manhattan could cost as much as $1 billion!

Bloomberg said yesterday that he spoke with “high level” officials in the Obama administration, and told them it “would be better to do it elsewhere.”

“They understand and they’re trying to do something,” the mayor said yesterday on his weekly radio show. “I pointed out again, that it would be phenomenally expensive and very disruptive to people who live in the area and businesses.”

The original idea of trying the 9-11 suspects “within view of the scene of their crime” was a romanticized, emotion-driven decision...the kind this administration has made on the economy since it took office a little over a year ago.

You know what would be a good venue for these trials? The state-of-the-art court rooms they built at Guantanamo Bay!

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