Monday, November 9, 2009

Terrorism and Liberalism...Yet Another Connection....

In the wake of the disclosure that the Fort Hood jihadist, Nidal Malik Hasan, attended a Virginia mosque at the same time as two of the 9/11 hijackers, emails have been confirmed of Major Nidal Hasan reaching out to al Qaida operatives overseas in the days preceding his Fort Hood terror attack.

Again, two things about this highlight the gross incompetence of this administration, the first is the way this administration clearly made sure that political correctness hampered the way the feds dealt with Major Hasan, compared to say, ho, Dave Koresh or randy Weaver, for instance.

The second is the way its mandated that the Military focus primarily on an imagined “anti-Muslim backlash.” In fact, that has been the focus so much so, that many Military members have reported being fearful of coming forward to report legitimately suspicious behavior BECAUSE of the suspicious acting person being Muslim!

How insane is THAT?!

But none of that should be all that surprising, considering how linked jihadist terrorism and American Liberalism really are.

As an example, I’ll call Exhibit A, a Seattle man, named Christopher John Monfort (pictured above), believed to be the man who pulled up next to a Seattle Police cruiser last Saturday (10-31-2009) and opened fire, killing one officer, Timothy Brenton and wounding another, Britt Sweeney.

Since that shooting, Seattle Police had been looking for the Datsun 210 coupe, which had driven by Officer Brenton’s and Officer Sweeney's patrol car at 9:46 p.m. Saturday while they were on a traffic stop. An image of the vehicle was captured by the cruiser's dash camera.

Twenty minutes later, while the officers were parked at 29th Avenue and East Yesler Way, a car drove alongside and unleashed a fusillade of rifle fire into the patrol car.

Brenton was killed instantly and Sweeney, who sensed danger and ducked, was grazed.

What makes Mr. Monfort a little more interesting is his left-wing lunacy and his penchant for misanthropic, anti-American violence a la Bill Ayers.

According to a Seattle Times report, early “Friday (11-06-09), Seattle and Tukwila police went to an apartment complex in the 13700 block of 56th Avenue South after receiving a tip about a car matching the description of the early 1980s Datsun 210 coupe seen near the site where Brenton was slain, said a source close to the investigation.

“Police found a Datsun, draped with a car cover. They waited until a man approached the vehicle, said Tukwila police spokesman Mike Murphy.

King County sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart said three detectives confronted the man in the complex's parking lot and asked to speak with him. The man ran away, bolting up an exterior staircase where he turned, pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the officers.

"For some reason, it didn't go off," said Urquhart.

“The man then turned and ran again, with the detectives in close pursuit.

"They caught up to him after a relatively short distance, whereupon this individual turned again, presented the gun and was shot by the detectives," Urquhart said.

“Police have since detained two other men, one at a bus stop near the apartment complex and another in Federal Way. The men may have ties to the wounded man and the apartment, a source said.”

It was also noted that Monfort had recently been laid off from his job as a security guard.

Yeah!...THAT’S the reason, not his sociopathic hatred for America and America’s criminal justice system...

But WAIT! Again, as they say, there’s even MORE! That same Seattle Times report notes that “Law-enforcement sources said Monfort also is suspected of the Oct. 22 bombing and arson of a Seattle maintenance yard, where three police cars and an RV used as a mobile precinct were damaged.

“Before Monfort was identified, police found distinct evidence that leads them to believe the same person was involved in that crime and the Brenton shooting, sources said.

“A note threatening to kill police officers was left at the bombing site, according to sources. One source described the note as containing a general threat against police officers.”

Last year, Monfort belonged to the McNair Scholars Program, part of the university's office of Minority Affairs and Diversity. The program aims to steep undergraduate students in sophisticated research, preparing them for graduate work.

Monfort provided this title for his project with the McNair program: “The Power of Citizenship Your Government Doesn't Want You to Know About: How to Change the Inequity of the Criminal Justice System Immediately, Through Active Citizen Nullification of Laws, As a Juror.”

"In an abstract of his project, Monfort said he planned to “illuminate and further” the scholarship of Paul Butler, a law professor at George Washington University. Butler is a proponent of jury nullification, a controversial principle whereby jurors feel free to disregard a judge's instructions and acquit a defendant no matter the strength of the evidence.

"Paul Butler has said, “It is the moral responsibility of black jurors to emancipate some guilty black outlaws,” Butler wrote in a 1995 Yale Law Journal article, adding: “My goal is the subversion of American criminal justice, at least as it now exists.”

So, there it is, this cop killer, Christopher John Monfort, was a hate-filled, left-wing radical out on a personal jihad against American law enforcement.

Terrorism and Liberalism – yet ANOTHER connection.

I’m going to chronicle as many such instances I can over the coming months, because this connection is all too real and all too threatening to the heart and soul of this nation.

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