Friday, November 6, 2009

Surveillance Video Of Fort Hood Shooter - Radicalized Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan

No, the fact that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a radicalized Muslim had "absolutely NOTHING" to do with the fact that when he got upset about being deployed to Iraq, he sought to slaughter other American soldiers....NOT (of course) himself. Seriously though, these radicalized Muslims are fitting in great here in the USA, aren't they? Yup, at least just as well as those radicalized pedophiles of NAMBLA....


One Ticked Chick said...

The liberals are making excuses for this mass murderer. Apparently they are never going to learn that radical Islam is a real threat to the security of this country.

Ulta-conservative minority individual said...

This is a very disturbing and sad commentary on how America has succumbed to liberalism and political correctness.

Our brave American service people traverse overseas, gallantly putting themselves in harm’s way, to do battle against a vile and perverted religious ideology hell bent on destroying our way of life in total; and yet they cannot be assured of safety against the retaliations of another Muslim terrorist, upon their own soil.

After this event is unraveled, and all is told; we will see “political correctness” in all its splendid glory. In fact, it begins even now, Newsweek magazine – a true source of unbiased and balanced opinion and information, is already stating “this could be the first signs of a military force on the verge of breakdown.

The unmitigated gall, to accuse the U.S. Military, the finest military force the world has ever seen, to be on the verge of a “breakdown” is utterly repulsive.

In reality, this event was nothing more than yet another Islamic fruit cake losing his self control; unfortunately destroying a few American military families along the way.

I hope they nurse him back to full health, and then summarily execute his ass right there in the hospital bed; making a strong statement to other Islamic nuts -this will not be tolerated on our shores-.

JMK said...

"The liberals are making excuses for this mass murderer. Apparently they are never going to learn that radical Islam is a real threat to the security of this country." (OTC)
It looks as though they don't want to learn that OTC....and that's the really sad part.

I suppose, at least from many of their perspectives "the Christian Right" and Western paternalism are fare more grave threats.

The real irony in all tghis is that among the groups defending the Islamists are radicalized feminists and liberal homosexuals.

The irony of that is, in a strict Muslim state the gays would be stoned to death and the women wrapped in burquas....the Left doesn't seem capable of thinking things through to their logical conclusions....

JMK said...

The real outrage in all this UCMI is that the feds claimed to have had this jihadist under surveillance for months (starting last May) and somehow...for SOME reason, even his blog entries equating a suicide bomber to a soldier jumping on a grenade didn't send up any red flags and get this guy called in, for at least a little psychiatric observation.

What caused that delay? Why wasn't this guy brought in?

I'm guessing some degree of "political correctness," since we're so averse to offending Muslims lately.

I'm not as up on my Carl von Clausewitz lately, but I understand that in the vast majority of cases it's generally considered best NOT to have people with dual or misplaced sympathies fighting in your Armies.

I may be wrong on that, but I don't recall our "Imperial Japanese regiment," or our "Third Reich Tank Battalion" in WWII....but suddenly it's en vogue for us to have people with clear enemy sympathies serving in our military???

I think von Clausewitz would say, "Not if you really want to win," but again, I haven't read Principles of War in quite awhile....apparently there's a new translation out there.

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