Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rolling the Dice With Terrorism......

By sending the case against Khalid Sheik Mohammed (pictured above) to trial in a U.S. District Court, in lower Manhattan no less, Eric Holder and Barack Obama have (1) made an outright acquittal of the "terrorist mastermind," far more likely, because the American criminal justice system's "rules of evidence" were not followed in the capture, interrogation and evidence gathering process, as they were carried out by Military NOT law enforcement authorities, thus none of the suspects were ever Mirandized and no warrants were ever procured...AND (2) it gives the jihadists the grand stage they've wanted all along. It's also likely that the government will forgo using classified evidence rather than risk exposing both the evidence itself and how that evidence may have been attained.

The 1993 trial over the first World Trade Center bombing was an unmitigated disaster, so much so, in fact, that James Fox, then Director of the FBI's NYC Office said, "America's criminal justice system is inadequate to the task of dealing with state sponsored terrorism."

Director Fox was, without question, right and that was the beginning of the shift away from viewing terrorism as a "law enforcement issue," and refocusing it as a military one.

Undoing that approach at this juncture is not only unwise and naive, it's recklessly and irresponsibly dangerous as well.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Excellent post, and I couldn't agree more. This has not been treated like a criminal case, nor has any evidence been amassed or rules followed that would be in a criminal case. Heck, he wasn't arrested in NYC, nor even in this country. This is a farce, and I am really wondering if it's BO's intent that this terrorist walk free.

They can't plan to incarcerate him in a regular prison can they? Geez, all he do is start converting other losers in prison to his crazy a$$ ideology.

JMK said...

No it hasn't been treated like a criminal case at all and for that reason ANY decent defense attorney should be able to challenge the way the evidence was gathered....PLUS the government may find it more practical NOT to expose information and evidence that's been classified for fear of exposing how they got that and who helped them attain it.

It's not only a naive decision, but a reckless and irresponsible one as well.

And yes, they're talking about some prison in the Midwest....I saw that in an article just keeps on getting better and better...

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