Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Problem ISN'T Violent Jihadist Islam, it’s Rogue Inanimate Objects....

Brilliant analysis by profoundly, even mind-numbingly stupid Chicago Mayor;

“Unfortunately, America loves Guns. We love guns to a point where that uh we see devastation on a daily basis. You don’t blame a group.”

(Chicago Mayor Richard Daley)

Ironically enough, IT is EXACTLY the reverse!

Weapons are inanimate objects and they DON'T kill people, but ideologies DO!

The serial killer's "becoming" and the jihadist's "spiritual transformation" via "violent jihad" are the IDEAS that trigger the use/abuse of inanimate objects a/k/a "weapons."

But this viewpoint isn't merely "wrong," no, the use of this canard is entirely premeditated and calculated for a specific effect.

Consider the fact that you DID NOT hear such tripe after Timothy McVeigh bombed the Murrah Building? Think that was an accident?

Of course it wasn't!

In fact, did you notice the record time in which McVeigh's execution was carried out?

He was literally air-mailed to the death chamber.

Perhaps because of The Third Terrorist connection researched and written about by Jayna Davis (

In THIS case, Richard Daley’s comments are not only naïve, they’re deliberately offensive and designed to obstruct our looking at the REAL causes of this violence, and any other "non-PC violence." THAT, and of course, no one wants to consider the potential political impact of such a terrorist on Barack Obama's watch.

Worse yet, Mayor Daley's assertion is a raound-about assault on the Bill of Rights America’s “gun rights” are actually the Constitution’s acquiescence to NATURAL RIGHTS. The 2nd Amendment enshrines EVERY free individual’s NATURAL Right to violent self-defense. Yes, EVERY free individual has an innate and “God-given” Right to defend his person AND property against seizure by either his neighbors and yes, even his own government.

The U.S. Constitution is very clear on that.

The idiocy of folks like Richard Daley who blame “guns,” “SUVs” and other inanimate objects for “killing people,” is purposeful. It serves the dual purposes of both undermining by vilifying our NATURAL RIGHT to self defense, while deflecting the blame for the current wave of jihadist violence from where it belongs (pernicious MOTIVATING ideologies - in this case “jihadist Islam”) to inanimate objects.

In this instance it was used to whitewash a horrific event (the terror attack on Fort Hood), BUT it goes even further, to “blame the victims!’

After all, who loves their guns more than those in the U.S. military?

Right Mayor Daley?

Or perhaps I SHOULD say, “Right DICK?!”


No Subject said...

Living only 20 minutes west of Chicago, I am regularly assaulted by the stupidity of this individual. As if that is not enough, I have to hear similar idiocy from the other Dick. Dick Durnin. I suspect that a bad acid trip would be easier to recover from.

JMK said...

Yes, you're almost certainly right, drug effects wear off, twin dicks and their stupidity is forever.

On the "bright side," you're not alone, the political hacks around the rest of the country aren't any bargain either.

Earlier this week Governor Paterson of NY announced that "NYS will be broke by Christmas," two days later, EMERGENCY averted, as the quick-thinking NY State Legislature took the bold and decisive action of choosing to simply ignore the problem!

Sounds like a plan guys!

WomanHonorThyself said...

if this wasn't so crucial it would be laughable my friend!

Attorneymom said...

SUP, JMK. How are you?? I miss you on Character Corner. : -)

Fuzzy Slippers said...

The left seems to be trying everything to excuse this terrorists actions, I honestly don't understand it. They'd rather he be insane, mistreated, pathetic, or "noble" than what he is. Guns are not the terrorist's problem, as you say, his ideology is.

No one does him any favors by pretending that he's not a radical Muslim bent on destroying Americans. From his view, it's probably insulting. From mine, it's naive, dangerous, and essentially ignorant.

JMK said...

Hi AM!

I've seen a bunch of your video come across very well.

I'll definitely stop by CC....miss ya too.

JMK said...

"No one does him any favors by pretending that he's not a radical Muslim bent on destroying Americans." (FS)
True, but it's NOT Hasan they're trying to do favors for....none of them wants to acknowledge this for what it actually is, "the worst terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11."

For better, or worse, that's what it was.

The Left doesn't want the Obama administration's "soft on terror" policies to get slimed....that's all.

Our media is clearly signaling that we'll have to wait for a "REAL terrorist attack" - a mass casualty event that'll really get everyone's least those who survive it.

JMK said...

"Guns are not the terrorist's problem, as you say, his ideology is." (FS)
Guns are tools FS, they can be used for good or bad - hunting and home/personal defense (GOOD), and armed robbery and murder (BAD)....but some on the Left lump ALL those things together....the homeowner who kills an intruder, the woman who shoots a man attempting to rape her, are lumped in the the gas-station stick-up guy or the kid who shoots his friend playing with his father's gun.

It's lazy thinking and fatally flawed logic.

John Lott is right MORE guns generally = LESS crime.

Moreover, as I've long said, "Gun control is NOT violence control."

There are people who are innately more violent than others. They DO NOT need guns to effect those ends.

One of the worst mass murders in NYC history (The Happyland Social Club Fire that killed 78 people) was carried out by a man with less than a gallon of gasoline a makeshift wick, a handkerchief and a match.

UPDATE: Mayor Daley is still a mouth-breathing imbecile, as I've seen neither a retraction, nor a clarification....I can only assume he stands by his initial idiocy.

JMK said...

"if this wasn't so crucial it would be laughable my friend!" (Angel)
It really is a critical issue Angel!

I'm looking for a term to replace the misnamed "political correctness."

What we call "political correctness" is a pathology and while it IS politically motivated, there is NOTHING remotely "correct" or even caring or compassionate about it.

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