Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A GREAT audio Presentation From Nobel Laureate, Professor Milton Friedman (from 1978).....

This is a GREAT audio presentation by the legendary Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, Professor Milton Friedman, from back in 1978. Here Dr. Friedman talks about Capitalism's open market economy benefits disparaged and dispossessed groups, like the Jews, the most.

Ironically enough, Dr. Friedman wryly notes that, "While no group on earth has benefited from Capitalism more than the Jews, no group has done so much to undermine the intellectual underpinnings of Capitalism."

Milton Friedman; "Capitalism and the Jews"

This recording of University of Chicago Professor of Economics Milton Friedman was recorded on October 15, 1978 by James H. Fox, JD '78.

The speech was originally scheduled for the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, but was moved to the University of Chicago Law School Auditorium upon the announcement the week before of his Nobel Prize in Economics.



H/T to the great Fuzzy @ Fuzzy Logic Blog (http://fuzislippers.blogspot.com/)...and her GREAT reading section.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

heh, thanks for the hat tip, but I don't think I deserve it, it's a sort of "six degrees" thing. Great blog here, though, I enjoy your writing style and content. :)

JMK said...

No, you deserve it.

I found that gem from YOUR very well crafted blog.

Milton Friedman was a giant in economics and looms even more so among today's pigmies (ie. Krugman and Reich).

I do appreciate your kind words....and your blog and its reading list, as well.

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