Monday, November 9, 2009

Fry Him!...

If for no other than THIS idiotic reasoning;

Scott Roeder 51, of Kansas City, Mo. (pictured above), even now, defiant and remorseless, the man accused of shooting a Kansas abortion provider (Dr. George Tiller) confessed to the slaying Monday, telling The Associated Press that he killed the doctor to protect unborn children.

Roeder told reporters that he plans to argue at trial that he was justified in shooting the late-term abortion provider at the doctorr's Wichita church, "Because of the fact pre-born children's lives were in imminent danger this was the action I chose...I want to make sure that the focus is, of course, obviously on the pre-born children and the necessity to defend them."

OK, the problem here is that THIS is about as much of a defense as a woman who kills her allegedly abusive husband or boyfriend while the guy is asleep.

That’s a guaranteed conviction because the killing is in no way linked to an imminent threat or danger.

In the woman’s case, she simply could have left the scene. Her actions were unjustified because there were other less draconian options available.

In Roeder’s case, he’s making a rationale that, at best would be justified within the confines of Dr. Tiller’s operating room, where a late-term abortion was about to be performed, it does NOT justify confronting the Doctor in Church! In fact, it wouldn't justify it in the first instance either, as late-term abortion is legal in Kansas.

What Dr. Tiller did, providing late term abortions, was almost certainly despicable and it’s also true that over 2/3s of Americans oppose late-term abortion, but in the state of Kansas it is NOT against the law.

It IS, however, very much against the law to gun down a physician in a Church, at his home, or anywhere else.

Scott Roeder is an embarrassment to the cause he claims to represent and in the end, he’s as much a murderer, as the doctor he claimed was a wanton killer.


Skunkfeathers said...

I'm neither ardent fan of abortion, nor an absolutist against them.

Fundamentalism -- that found in the actions of Islamofacist terrorists, or that of someone who is so anti-abortion, they'll justify murder, time and again, to make their point -- has no place in civilized society.

Execute this cretin.

JMK said...

I agree SF....and while I DO oppose late term abortion (my compromise is that first trimester abortion should be available, as an unwilling parent is also an unfit parent, at least so long as they're unwilling...while once the child is fully formed and viable outside the womb, around 20 weeks, then in EVERY case, EVERY effort should be made to save BOTH the life of the mother and that viable child), there are legitimate ways to deal with this issue.

Gunning down a physician in Church isn't one of those.

What Scott Roeder did, wittingly or not, was to bring great shame and discredit to the cause he claimed to support (the anti-abortion cause).

Trying to rationalize a murder the way he's trying to do, is virtually begging for the death penalty.

I'm sure his attorney tried to talk him out of that ill-conceived strategy.

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