Thursday, October 29, 2009


Just a few things to consider;

WHY has the current administration, which promised CHANGE, followed the exact SAME economic course as the previous one...bailouts, non-stimulating stimulus packages and more than 4X the amount of reckless overspending? The Deficit has been quadrupled over the last year, and the National Debt has climbed to over $12 TRILLION well on its way to a staggering $15 TRILLION!

Given the 2008 Global Credit Crisis was triggered by the 0% down FHA mortgage that G W Bush signed onto, and the government pressing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy up/guarantee all those subprime loans, WHY has none of that been permanently been stopped BY LAW?

There’s been absolutely NOTHING stopping the Democrats from passing those laws.

Subprime loans are still legal to dole out and for Fannie and Freddie to package, the 0% down FHA loan has not been eliminated and why has Glass Spiegel, which everyone has lambasted as creating the “Too Big To Fail” scenario, NOT been restored by law? In fact, the subprime loan mentality is still on display with the “Cash for Clunkers” lunacy and the 0% loans for appliances.

In fact, if this administration sought to change course at all, then WHY are Larry Summers and Robert Rubin (Alan Greenspan’s two protégés), not to mention Rubin’s protégé Timothy Geithner continuing on in their duties as part of the Obama administration’s economic team?

For that matter, WHY is the current administration continuing so many of the Bush anti-terror policies? Why the continuation of the NSA Surveillance Program when the current President had campaigned against it? Why no draw down in Iraq? Why the build-UP in Afghanistan, which again the current President campaigned on opposing? Why the increased use of rendition? Why hasn’t Guantanamo Bay been closed, when its closing was a focal point of the current administration’s campaign?

But the biggest question mark for me is the economic policies. Given that it was the Bush administration’s Keynesianism that started us off on the disastrous path that led to 2008, yes, over his last two years with a big assist from the Pelosi-Reid Congress, WHY has the current administration so fully embraced that failed Keynesianism and even gone so far as to retain three of the major architects of that disaster, Summers, Rubin and Geithner?



namaste said...

because he's unqualified to be POTUS.

because he's a LIAR.

because he feels no obligation to the voters who put him in the white house.

JMK said...

Well, all that may be true Maria, but it still doesn't explain why this administration (one that ostensibly reviled the previous one) know finds itself following along with virtually EVERY one of Bush's economic and anti-terror policies.

Where's the CHANGE?

And for the record, and I KNOW I ma well be naively wrong on this, BUT I have no innate dislike of the Obama's....I very much dislike their views, but Barack Obama seems, as I've said from the start to be "as affable a fellow as as G W Bush."

While I am and always have been deeply troubled with his easy associations with ardent America-haters like domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Maoist Anita Dunn, as well as racial bigots like Jeremiah Wright and Van Jones, I don't see Barack Obama as coming FROM that ilk...SYMPATHIZING with it, YES, but not springing from it naturally, as all the aforementioned did.

Much of what this administration has done has been troubling, from nominating a veritable idiot as VP (Joe Biden) to putting overhauling healthcare, while the economy, national security, job creation and even education come ahead of it on every poll about what Americans care about!

Interstingly enough, I think there well may be change in the air over the next few days. I've heard that Dede Scozzafava has dropped out of NY's 23rd race...while McDonnel leads by double digits in VA (the GOP may sweep all three top spots in that state for the first time in a quarter century) AND Christie is neck-and-neck and HOPEFULLY close to putting Corzine out to pasture in NJ.

IF those races go the Conservative's way, that may be a huge bellweather for what to expect next year!

IF Dede Scozzafava has dropped out, as Erick Erickson of Red State says, that WILL embolden the GOP's Right-wing to move the Moderates aside (hopefully for good, though I have my doubts there).

We'll see.

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