Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Tale of Two Incidents...

Earlier this summer, when a neighbor called Cambridge, Massachusetts police as Harvard Professor Henry Gates and a driver were seen forcing their way into the back door of Gates’ home, a veritable international incident mushroomed after an indignant Professor Gates refused to show ID to the arriving police and harangued them to the point where he wound up being arrested on a “disorderly conduct” charge.

President Obama initially mis-spoke and called the police actions “stupid,” resulting in a “race summit” involving himself, VP Biden, Professor Gates and Officer Crowley, the Cambridge Police Sgt. Who arrested the Professor.

This past week a Chicago honors student, named Derrion Albert was viciously beaten to death by gang members in broad daylight outside his Chicago school. While some news outlets have speculated that Derrion Albert’s murder may have doomed Chicago’s chances of landing the 2016 Olympics, a nifty way of misdirecting the onus from President Obama’s latest international failure, there hasn’t been anything close to the kind of attention, let alone a “White House Summit” to address the ongoing scourge of urban violent crime.

In Derrion Albert’s case, he appears to be a kid doing all the right things – an excellent student, who was assaulted and killed after trying to break up a fight. In Professor Gates’ case, we saw an indignant race hustler create a faux “racial profiling” incident - a neighbor called the cops, after witnessing what appeared to be a break-in and cops merely sought to confirm that the homeowner and not an intruder was the person in that home at the time they arrived. The police in that case, “profiled” no one.

And yet, the current White House saw the incident where an indignant Harvard Professor harangued and maligned police officers sent to protect HIS home, as a major cause, while it ignores the plight of Derrion Albert, a very REAL victim of what police departments across the country combat daily – widespread urban violence.

Makes you wonder just where the priorities of America’s far-Left are?


namaste said...

a very sad story. i could not watch the video about derrion's beating.

as for priorities of the left? i think they are just a hateful bunch. normal reasoning does not apply to them.

JMK said...

One of the WORST things I've heard in the wake of the Derrion Albert murder was a woman from Chicago saying, "We have to be to reach out to these children, these gang members and show them we care about them and love them, so that we can confront them and let them know that their behavior effect all of us."

My initial reaction to that was WTF?!

Such hopeless naivete is what makes really dealing with such problems next to impossible.

The ONLY way to deal with ANY and ALL criminality is to make the penalties so dire that the rewards just aren't worth it and that takes some draconian punishments.

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