Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Media Landscape May be About to Change...

Could things look any better for Conservatives?

OK, they sure could. With the Pelosi-Reid Congress still screwing up the economy (they were responsible for adding almost $3.4 TRILLION of the $4.5 TRILLION the Bush administration piled onto the National Debt), ACORN and its founders Dale and Wade Rathke remain unindicted, BUT, on the bright side, more citizens are engaged and opposing big government liberalism than at any time since the early 1980s, the "public option" is off the table in the healthcare overhaul and the liberal media is suffering greatly.

As the New York Times continues to drown in red ink, as the Wall Street Journal rakes in the cash, MSNBC ranks dead last among all cable news outlets with less than a THIRD of Fox News' viewership, just as NBC ranks third among the old news outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC).

Late this week came word that GE is considering unloading NBC to Comcast Cable for a reported $35 Billion.

Will Comcast turn around NBC’s far-left attitude?

While there’s no proof that would happen, but IF Comcast wanted to make NBC competitive and profitable, it would certainly make a lot more sense for them to cater to the prevailing tastes rather than to continue trying to force-feed the Olbermann-Mathews-Maddow bile down an unwilling public’s throats.

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