Friday, March 13, 2009

On My Renewed Respect and Appreciation for Andy Cuomo...

OK, so being a Conservative (“Zell Miller”) Democrat, perhaps it’s easier for me to look at the good in SOME Democrats, when they indeed do something good, but I’ll say this, “I never thought I’d have ANYthing to praise a Cuomo over, but NOW, I DO!”

Turns out that NYS Attorney General Andy Cuomo has so rattled the pro-pedarist group NAMBLA that one of the NAMBLA scumbags has apparently offered a $10,000 reward for “Anyone who’d shoot the New York State AG in the face."

“ The "reward" was offered under the headline: "$10,000 to shoot Andrew Cuomo in the face!"

"I am an official of NAMBLA, and I can confirm that we have raised the cash to reward any individual who manages to accomplish this task. Thank you," read the message, a transcript of which was obtained by The NY Post.

According to NY Post reporter, Fred U. Dicker, “The threat, described by a source as "unprecedented" because it is believed to come from an organization, prompted a sweeping and ongoing criminal probe by the Attorney General's Office and at least one other law-enforcement organization, and subpoenas were issued, sources said.”

He went on to report, “The message, which investigators have linked to an imprisoned pervert with strong NAMBLA ties - and whom Cuomo's office is seeking to keep behind bars under a "civil commitment" law - was spotted by a citizen who brought it to the attention of Verizon, his Internet service provider. Law-enforcement sources declined to reveal the imprisoned man's identity.”

Turns out that NAMBLA and their supporters are angry at Andy Cuomo over his making the various Internet service providers, like Verizon, take responsibility for policing child pornography, supports the ubiquitous online “pedophile stings” and for being a strong advocate of keeping NAMBLA types behind bars through civil commitment – the practice of keeping especially dangerous felons behind bars beyond their allotted sentences.

According to reports Verizon’s security officers removed the posting quickly and then notified law enforcement, including Cuomo's office, sources said.

Through today, Andrew Cuomo's office has kept at least 75 convicted sexual predators, including several linked to NAMBLA, in state prison under a tough, new civil-commitment law approved in 2007.

According to Fred Dicker’s report, “Criminal investigators, working with Verizon, tracked the message to a news group maintained by a woman living in a private home in The Bronx.

“The woman denied any knowledge of the message, allowed investigators to examine her personal computer, and was eventually told she was not a suspect, sources said.
"She was clearly not involved," one source said.”

The case against the NAMBLA perv is ongoing and I hope for a fast and draconian resolution for the perverted would-be assassin.

For being an enemy of NAMBLA, I have to acknowledge a renewed respect and appreciation for Andy Cuomo, even if I DO often disagree with him on other matters.


WomanHonorThyself said...

good on u my friend to find the good in everyone..and yes..this is a righteous stand!!!

janice_phil said...

wow!!! your blog just made me more aware of what is going on in america..and i absorb everything i read and it does widen my knowledge. very much.

JMK said...

I try Angel.

I disagree with And Cuomo and most Liberal Democrats a LOT, but when they take a stand on the right side of an issue, I HAVE to applaud it.

I'd like it to be more often, but things like this offer some hope.

JMK said...

You have a good head on your shoulders Janice and it's clear you think for yourself...and that's the way it should be.

Learn from any and all sources, but make up your own mind on the issues.

One thing that's become somewhat distressing in America is that disagreement has taken on a much more bitter edge on both sides.

Liberals and Conservatives tend to regard each other suspiciously as "enemies" and that breeds an entrenched ideological bigotry that can be dangerous.

I'm glad you're around.

Joie said...

thanks for this post. i wouldn't have known about this otherwise. (ok, maybe i would have, but you made it way easier to find!)
there is so much to keep up on and weed through.
thanks for following my blog. hopefully you'll be successful in your endeavor of resurrecting your mom's yummy cookies...even the name sounds yummy,"sugar sticks" who wouldn't love that??!?!!!
i am glad the captain connected us!

JMK said...

Joie, I HAVE resurrected the "Sugar Strip" a hideously sinful cookie, it's the larger things (my Mom used to make cakes in the shape of a lamb at Easter and other such things) that I'm hesitant on.

I saw the article on the NAMBLA guy's demented proposed "hit" on Andy Cuomo (NYS's AG) in a local paper the other day.

Having NAMBLA hate you is A-OK in my book.

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