Thursday, March 19, 2009

Key Dems KNEW About AIG’s Bonuses!...

Amidst all the faux outrage over the AIG bonuses, there’s now a lot of ducking and covering.

Turns out that the Senate version of TARP, which came out of the Senate Finance Committee run by Chris Dodd, had in place ironclad protections for any bonuses contracted BEFORE February 9, 2009.

Now, Dodd is throwing Tim Geithner and by extension, Barack Obama under the bus to save himself (he’s trailing badly in re-election polls for his Senate seat), by claiming “We didn’t write that line, the treasury Department did.”

Really?Notice, Dodd didn’t say he didn’t KNOW about it, just that he “didn’t write it.”

The “writing” apparently done by Tim Geithner.

Oddly enough, it’s CONGRESS, NOT the Treasury Department that is charged with writing legislation, so it’s doubtful that Tim Geithner wrote that line.

But accuracy is never all that important when you’re trying to save your own skin.

After all, aside from those VIP Mortgages he glommed from Countrywide, Dodd also happily took $103,000 from AIG!

Hmmmm, BIG DONATION and a line that provides an ironclad protection for contracted bonuses written on or before 2/9/09 gets passed over in the Bill.


PLEASE Connecticut, do the right thing (you did it in re-electing Lieberman) and flush this guy, once and for all!

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