Sunday, March 29, 2009

Group Rallies For Lovelle Mixon, Lauding Him as a "Hero"

In a sick, twisted display of heinous racist bigotry, the folks at Oakland's Uhuru House demonstrated FOR deceased cop killer Lovelle Mixon, lauding him as a hero. One of the sickest and most demented things you're going to see....

BUT this NEEDS to be seen.


Nicholas Stix said...

Thanks for posting this, Joe. The ABC reporter, Laura Anthony, tries to minimize the support for the devil Mixon, but it just won't wash.

And the sick rationalizations are ... the sort of thing you'd expect from a tenured professor, or a guy on Death Row.

Anonymous said...

this is what the nation has come to, no respect for officers, no respect for human life. This killer is seen as a hero to many, that is the way the country is headed. Sad, plain Sad.

JMK said...

This is indeed a sickness and one brought on by liberal whites endorsing and espousing a "VICTIMIZATION ethos" among other groups!

It seems, at least from my vantage, thatb this is part of an organized plan to erode the very workable American REPUBLIC by espousing pure democracy or "democratic ideals."

There is NOTHING more tyrannical than a pure democracy and those who'd espouse that are truly "enemies of America."

The ghouls at Uhuru House (in Oakland) are but a pimple on the butt of America, while those who espouse pure democracy, in order to undermine the Republic are demented, misanthropic sociopaths....and must be treated as such.

JMK said...

Without question ES!

Many of those who marched gleefully see themselves as "enemies of America" and revile America as "a racist, sexist, homophobic, Colonizer."

They are "the enemy within our gates."

E-Dogg said...

it's quite disturbing if you think about it

JMK said...

"it's quite disturbing if you think about it." (E-Dogg)
It is and it's very sad.

That coupled with the Pittsburgh cop killings (three were gunned down the other day)'s like the early and mid-1970s again - open season on cops.

There are currently available sonic devices that can incapacitate people temporarily...perhaps something like that will have to be used even in "routine traffic stops."

And SWAT Teams should always use some sort of flash grenade &/or tear gas before entering a hostile environment to enact a take-down.

Something's got to be done to reduce police exposure to those intent on harming them.

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