Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daniel Hannan MEP: The devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government

British Parlimentarian Daniel Hannan rips Gordon Brown over his Keynesian policies! Excoriating Prime Minister Brown over trying to "spend his way out of recession," declaring "You have run out of OUR money." GREAT video with almost 1.5 MILLION hits.


Roadhouse said...

I saw an interview with this guy on FOX. He's one cool "limey".

JMK said...

This guy is GREAT!

I only wish he words would be heeded on BOTH sides of the Atlantic.

We're heading into an iceburg called insolvency and we aren't nearly as stalwart as the Titanic, though we, in America, are just as overconfident.

I fear that if we don't repudiate Keynesianism and soon, the worst is still to come and it'll be worse than anyone now thinks!

Wibble Wobble said...

Ah yes. I do love the way the Tories manage to completely resign *any* responsibility for the banking crisis, credit crisis, debt amongst the young and others. Who was it who unleashed the credit boom? Who was it who deregulated their way merrily along without thought to the consequences? Who was it who, only months ago, were saying that things in the City were fine as they were? Oh no! It's the Tories. Labour have indeed been complicit, and have been as bad as the Tories sometimes, but the hypocrisy: It smells worse than low tide in the Humber estuary.

JMK said...

Labour's been the Party in power during this implosion, just as here in the U.S. a Keynesian Republican (Bush) started us down that wrong path, that a Keynesian Democrat (Obama) seems to be worsening.

It's NOT merely that the Democratic Party in the U.S. and the Labour Party in the U.K. are wrong, Keynesian policies are WRONG.

In fact, Keynesian economic policies are not just wrong-headed, they've proved to be disastrous EVERY TIME and EVERYWHERE they've been employed!

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