Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Do Liberals Attack the Working People they Claim to Champion?

In my view, one of the best articles on what’s currently going on politically in the U.S. today was written by Darcy at DustMyBroom.

In August, the MSM and the Left-wing of the Democratic Party assailed Sarah Palin in the most vile way – sliming over her daughter’s teen pregnancy, insinuating that she may be her youngest (Downs Syndrome) child’s grandmother, etc.

The vicious attacks only ceased when Palin’s favorability ratings skyrocketed in the wake of those attacks and the lackluster McCain campaign began to near double digit lead in the polls.

Earlier this month, the same culprits gleefully sought to destroy yet another real working American, Joe (the plumber) Wurzelbacher for the crime of daring to ask a question that the Obama camp didn’t like.

Darcy’s piece goes a long way toward explaining why the Left goes after so many regular working people.

The War Against Joe the Plumber and Beyond

By Darcy at DustMyBroom
Tuesday, 28 October 2008

One of the villains was a Koolak, and what a monster he was - fat, lazy, gluttonous, brutal, as scummy a creature as ever trod this earth. Of course in real life one hardly finds such creatures, not even in Russia. The Koolak may at times have been cruel in his treament of the poorer peasants, but he was never the fat, lazy, gluttonous monster that Eisenstein depicts him... In real life the Koolack was among the hardest-working, the thriftiest and most progressive farmers in the village... He was a prodigious indefatigable worker. - Marus Hindus describing a propaganda film by Russian revolutionary communist Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein in 1933.

Koolack refers to Kulak and the term gained popularity during Joseph Stalin's dekulakizatation and collectivism campaign from 1929-1932 where the Russian government tried to wipe out the middle class which resulted in the deaths of millions. In many cases those with just a couple of more cows then their neighbours were targeted as kulaks and were rounded up and sent off to the Gulag or were just shot.

I've read of a number of cases where once kulak communities were reformed up somewhere in 'special settlements' they worked hard enough that they had to be dekulakized again. Stalin's class war lead to the liquidation of the most efficient workers in the country. Various propaganda efforts were used to dehumanize the kulak as bloodsuckers and as parasites with no souls. In today's politics of envy we would probably just call them fat cats...

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What's really almost as astounding as it is pathetic is the way so many working class folks identify with the Left-wing. As Darcy notes, "Those in the lower classes standing steadfastly behind the campaign haven't figured out that this 'modern communist revolutionary' is in fact coming for them next."

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