Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweden the Violent? Who Knew???

Thanks to Swedish blogger Pela at GUMMIHUND.


Remember how Sweden used to be the model that American Leftists pointed to as “how democratic socialism could work?”

Well, it seems as though there’s a good reason why Sweden has fallen off their radar screen.

Aside from suffering some of the same economic problems that have plagued France and Germany, Sweden is, like many Western European countries, awash in violent crime.

The following Swedish crime stats come from Sweden’s National Council for Crime Prevention.
In 2003 New York City had: 591 homicides - Sweden had 189.
NY City had 1789 rapes - Sweden had 2565.
NYC had 18764 aggravated assaults - Sweden had 65175.
NYC had 29207 burglaries, Sweden had 122700.
It should be noted that NYC has almost 1.5 times the population than does all of Sweden.
Pela asks, “If Sweden were a city; where would you choose to live?

“And I promise you that the numbers have not gone down here since then!”

Pela notes:("About the murder rates- you have to keep in mind that it is very hard to get someone convicted for murder here in Sweden. Most killers are just sentenced for manslaughter and those convictions are not listed under homicides.")

What all of this has reinforced is the fact that Good intentions, count for very little. In fact, when well intentioned social programs seek to GIVE the poor all they need, they also rob those people of any incentive to produce and prosper or even be responsible human beings in any way.

It seems as though Sweden is going through a lot of what New York City went through in the 1970s, and are apparently about to go through again!


Well, at least one reason is that many misguided Leftists here believe (or perhaps just WANT to believe) that places like France, Denmark and Sweden are all "socialist paradises" compared to the USA.

Maybe the truth will set more people free.

H/T and THANKS to Pela at Gummihund


defiant_infidel said...

You, Sir (as usual) have squarely hit the proverbial nail. The Leftists "want to believe"... therefore, they do! They handle their "arguments" the same way... if they say it, it becomes "truth". How can one dispute that infallible power?

While they're pushing the "easy button", I am depressing the *head shaking* button through the deck. Wow.

JMK said...

That's the crux of the problem DI, Liberals tend to EMOTE, rather than THINK things out.

Everything comes down to "how they feel about things."

I'll be keeping track, but I expect some very high Misery Indexes over the next few years!

Barry said...

Surely they must have very liberal gun laws there, right? Right??

JMK said...

Hardly Barry, which also brings up England and perhaps more cogently, Australia.

BOTH those nations once had crime rates lower than America's and now have much higher violent crime rates!

Australia is an especially vital example in that since they've instituted stricter gun control laws, violent crime there has skyrocketed!

Actually though, Pela would most likely blame both Sweden's generous welfare programs that encourage sloth and that nation's inane immigration laws that have that country awash in third world-generated violent crime.

In some largely immigrant areas, rape is five times the rate of predominantly Swedish areas.

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