Friday, October 31, 2008

Stockholm Syndrome Takes Hold Throughout The West

In a recent article, the London Times outlined how some jihadist terrorists were encrypting messages into child porn sites.

In part, the article reads, “Images of child abuse have been found during Scotland Yard antiterrorism swoops and in big inquiries in Italy and Spain.

“Secret coded messages are being embedded into child pornographic images, and pedophile websites are being exploited as a secure way of passing information between terrorists.”

The entire article can be referenced at;

An interesting enough article, in and of itself, but even more interesting to me, were the responses of the readers (almost all Westerners, almost all from America and the UK). A full 90% of the responses found the basis of the article offensive, bordering on racist and objected, not to the actions of the alleged jihadists, but those of the authorities, in sliming Muslims by insinuating that any good Muslim would stoop to looking at child pornography.

One respondent said, “Surely if they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves if they are passing information they would not use child pornography but something far less innocent, something not quite right with this story in my mind.”


Based on what logic?

That’s very much like the argument that goes, “Violent criminals are motivated by NEED,” that is “poverty is the primary motivator of violent crime.”

That’s been proven NOT SO!

In New York City (NYC), Bill Bratton showed that violent crime was motivated out of a desire for “power over others,” NOT out of any “NEED.”

Same here, pedophilia websites are so anathema to most people that they are, in fact, a perfect haven for terrorists and other such organized thugs.

I know it’s difficult for average citizens to think like thugs, BUT that shouldn’t lead to an anthropomorphizing, or humanizing of those thugs.

Suffice to say, violent predators are not like average people, they don’t think like average people, which is why they generally don’t act like average people.

Moreover, pedophilia websites are NOT places such people would either be more prone to detection OR places they’d shy away from.

The argument that “No devout Muslim would...” is absolutely without merit. The 9/11 hijackers spent the nights before committing their atrocities drinking at strip clubs!

Look, these goons are no more “good Muslims,” than they are “good people,” which it to say they are NEITHER!

The fact is that porn networks allow you to send whatever you want through them, including encrypted messages. Trying to encrypt messages through more innocuous images via Google or Facebook would be blocked by the many filters on those types of sites.

It’s hard for average, non-predatory, non-zealots to put themselves in the shoes of actual predators and fanatics, so it’s understandable that they would, in effect, “anthropomorphize” or humanize this kind of evil – muggers must be motivated out of a desperate need of money, terrorists must be highly emotionally disturbed or feel incredibly violated and victimized, etc..

Unfortunately, this kind of humanizing is not only grossly misinformed and wrong-headed, it’s potentially destructive as it really ultimately serves to rationalize the hideous actions of such barbarous people.

It must be nice to believe that inside every “so-called evil person” is a good one looking to get out, but the reality is that there are indeed EVIL people. The dirty little secret is that Ted Bundy, Mohammed Atta, Eric Rudolph and Abu Abbas are not all that least not nearly so rare as most of us would like to think.
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pela68 said...


It seems that besides the narco trafficing (see extentional series of posts over at Stop Islamic Conquest), the weapons trafficing and the sex trafficing these boys (and girls?) are just terrific persons. Huh?

The world islamic movement thrives on beastialties, pure and simple.

Then of course it's the unexpletional high amount of young girls that just "happens" to fall out of balconys. Or those freak accidents that just "happens" to people when they meet up with the wrong people.

I was myself at a trial not long ago where I witnessed about a man's attempted murder against a younger boy for chatting with his daughter. The funny thing (because the young man survived with only a broken pelvis, liver damages and seviere head injuries) was that neither the father or his daughter said that the father had any ill means in mind. He just happened to drive in to the young mans car.

Because it was a narrow roundabout, there is no way that the damages to the car could have been done with a car speeding in normal velocities.

There are also a story behind it all. The father have been making threats to the young man and claims that it is also the other way around.

And yes; they are all ME:s.

It's allways a mess when ME:s ar involved, even though the young man seemed to be nice enough (I spoke with him after the hearing).
It's all that "honour" thinking.

Sorry it got a bit lenghty. I think I will have to write a new post about the whole incident.

Keep up the good work!

JMK said...

Pela, I've often wondered why so many Westerners (American and European) have such a huge problem recognizing the jihadist threat.

The jihadists are global, well-organized and well-funded. Their threat is socio-cultural, economic and para-military (state-sponsored terrorism) and Western political correctness that insists on blaming ourselves for other people's problems is blinding us to the very real threat.

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