Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Lamp of Liberty

Some say that “Once the lamp of Liberty is extinguished, it can never be re-lit.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Liberty is NOT unique. Liberty is not rare and Liberty is certainly not singular.

Liberty is the Sun/Son, the LIGHT, the TRUTH and the WAY.

Liberty does not cooperate, it competes.

Liberty doesn’t cajole, it corrects.

Liberty steels the heart and forges the soul.

Liberty burns within the heart of every human being from peasant to King.

Liberty cannot be stifled.

If it is suppressed in one place it emerges to rage even hotter in others.

Liberty is rarely kind.

Liberty is never merciful.

And Liberty is certainly not sweet.

Liberty is a force of nature, a part of the natural law.

You will learn, it will teach you.

When man claims, “I am outside of and above nature, so I must control nature,” nature and the natural law hammer him back into reality.

Liberty is true freedom – self ownership.

Liberty is NOT doing what we like, but what we have to.

Liberty IS the grinding personal responsibility that comes with self-ownership.

There is only day or night, there is only A or B, and there is only Liberty or Slavery. Either you own yourself or someone or some entity (government) owns you.

In 1776 only 12% of Americans supported the “Revolution,” which was really a “rebellion against the Crown.”

Tory detractors derided the Liberty that America’s Founders based their governing model on as, “A system rooted in the worst thing Aristotle warned about, one in which, the strong take advantage of the weak and the smart take advantage of the strong, and in which the clever manipulate the smart, to take advantage of all.”

That is still the primary lament heard from book-bright people who are unable to innovate, adapt and prosper in clever ways, as opposed to many businessmen who are gifted (clever) in business, but with little respect for or aptitude in academics.

Still, it is THAT very system that produces the most innovation, the most productivity and the most prosperity for the most people.

People can be enslaved and abused by tyrants, but Liberty is like water, it ALWAYS finds a way to the surface.

The lamp of Liberty SHOULD NOT be allowed to go out, but if it does, those who respect it should take heart that it is, in its essence, the way of the world.

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