Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is America’s Corporate Tax Rate Really Higher Than Sweden’s...and France’s???

Can it be TRUE?!

Well according to the accompanying chart, it certainly CAN...and is!


France comes in with a combined or total Corporate Tax rate of 34.43%, Sweden’s is 28%! America's is very nearly 40% (39.25), one of the highest in the industrialized world.

Of course, Ireland’s economy is booming due to one of the world’s lowest Corporate Tax rates (12.5%)!

Here’s a “sort of” trick question for you, “Who pays the Corporate Income tax?”

Hint; This is NOT a “Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb” type question.

The answer is WE all do (you and I).

The misnamed “Corporate Tax" is actually a stealth sales tax.

How so?

Because ALL of the various and sundry “costs of doing business,” from the cost of materials, labor costs, packaging and delivery costs AND, of course, TAXES are all passed on to us, as consumers, because business’s income or intake MUST ALWAYS outpace it’s various OUTPUTS (ie. costs like payroll, materials and TAXES), or that business won’t remain in-business for very long.

So, there you go, WE pay the “Corporate Tax,” in the form of increased costs of the goods and services we purchase.

So, is it clearer now, that those misguided folks who “hate business” and claim “businesses doesn’t pay their fair share of the taxes,” are really misanthropes who really hate their fellow man and want their neighbors to pay MORE for the things they buy?!

Maybe if our Corporate tax rate was as low as Ireland’s, maybe more businesses would relocate HERE! If it did, then that lowered tax rate would almost certainly result in INCREASES corporate tax revenues.

And maybe the things we buy would be cheaper too!
H/T Captain Capitalism!


pela68 said...

I'm on deep water here. But I believe that the Swedish corporate tax numbers omitts "the work giving fee- arbetsgivaravgift".

In all essentials, it's a tax. But by calling it a "fee"- the socialist opposition can point on the numbers and say that corporate taxes are relatively low.

They actually argues that those fees are workers salaries. And when the center-right wanted to lower the fees (which would make it affordable to hire more people), the socialists accused them for "wanting to lower workers salaries".

Well- I have never seen a single coin of those fees. And they consists of 32,28% of my raw salary.

In all essences it would mean that the more people you hire and the more money the workers earn- the higher the corporate tax is for a company.

JMK said...

That's one of those things you have to live in order to understand Pela.

I didn't know about any of those fees.

I have begun comparing the Misery Indexes (the unemployment rate added to the inflation rate) for different countries around the world.

I've heard some people in Scandanavia claim that Sweden's actual unemployment rate is actually really 17% not the 6.1% that was the official tally for 2007.

I'm going to use the official numbers for comparison for now, but it's information like yours that puts things into a clearer perspective.

JMK said...

P.S. I'm sorry that you're living through all that right now.

I have the feeling that the U.S. may be moving inexorably in that direction.

Uncle Joe said...

Don't forget about the EU's VAT. There has been some discussion about a VAT in the U.S. Even though it is referred to as a value added tax, it is really a consumption tax. Just the thing Obama would love. It taxes those evil rich people who can afford to buy things while people who don't buy stuff gets a pass. Just imagine what such a tax would do the consumer driven economy in the U.S.

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