Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here's Something Different; Obama "Hitler Youth"-Style Brainwashing...

This is kind of creepy in that "Hitler Youth" kind of way....Now, I know I'm prone to such weird thoughts, but bear with me, please; "Can anyone explain WHY it is, that no matter whether it's the Hitler Youth or the Obamaniacs, it's always the fat, doofey looking guy that's always out in front as eye-candy?"

For the life of me, I don't get it.


Rachel said...


Rachel said...

I was laughing at the doofey kid comment.

If this is the Obama Youth, too many people will be laughing. I've seen REAL step dancing. That was barely an attempt. and did you see the last kid in line? I think even HE thought it was a joke.

"Because of Obama, I could be the next Auto Technician?" lawyer? chef
Uhhh, geniuses you can do that right now.
Why are these AfAm youths waiting for a guy from Hawaii to aspire them to be something that they can try to be now?

One of my arguments against Obama is this: I don't need a black president to prove my worth as a black person, and I can reach my dreams on my own. When we judge Obama for what he can bring to America (and so far, he can't even take care of Southside Chicago) and not for his skin tone (which is a large part of his charm) then we have arrived

JMK said...
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JMK said...

"Because of Obama, I could be the next Auto Technician?" lawyer? chef.

"Uhhh, geniuses you can do that right now." (Rachel)
That's the sad thing Rachel.

Has someone told these kids that they couldn't be any of those things UNTIL Obama came long?!

The blame almost certainly belongs to zealots and not the Obama campaign, BUT this cult of personality is really creepy in its own right, given its many historical pretexts, all of which have turned out rather badly.

This deliberate mis-information, whether its crediting a novice Senator with creating individual opportunities that mythically "didn't exist before," OR blaming the current credit crisis on "a failure of the market, and deregulation," rather than on its real causes, BOTH over-regulation and toxic regulation to boot, is incredibly dangerous, because it misleads people into erroneously believing the government can solve all our problems.

Ironically enough, the government has created many of our current problems, just as sure as Barack Obama is NOT responsible for creating either the opportunities, nor the motivation for young people to aspire to be productive members of society.

I have a very bad (foreboding) feeling about the age we seem to be entering into both politically and economically.

While we had way too many rogue CEO's (NOT really a function of the market, so much as boards of directors not putting shareholder's interests first) during this age, but I fear we'll move even further toward outright government management of the economy in the near future.

There's another irony here, noted by Aaron Clarey (Captain Capitalism), "Aside from the one who pledges to be a lawyer, the rest of these young men pledge to become engineers, architects and firemen. They also pledge to do it on their own.

"Sadly for them, they don't realize this is NOT what Obama and to a larger extent, socialism stands for. Such independence can only be described as truly American and capitalist. Something that can only come from themselves and their desire to choose for themselves the path of their life.

"Obama has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with these young boys becoming truly independent, upstanding men. Sadly instead of taking the credit where it is deserved (themselves) they give it to Obama.

"Though, once they start paying taxes on a chemical engineer's salary, I think they'll all turn Republican."

I tend to agree. In fact, I think once someone begins paying taxes on an auto mecahnic's or chef's salary, they'll turn Republican, or at the LEAST Conservative "Blue Dog" Democrat, in response.

The saddest thing is that all these kids have had their own self-respect and pride in aspiration taken from them by people (teachers?...I hope not) who have apparently filled their heads with a sense of "owing their own achievements and aspirations to someone else."

That seems like the worst kind of theft possible, to me.

Don said...

Too funny @ the doofey kid comment. I think it's because (thinking back to my basic training days) the heavy-set youth formatted front and back, it makes for a more structured look while marching.

JMK, I wouldn't say brainwashing is taking place. It could be, but since the message appears positive, I'm more inclined to look @ the rhetoric as being positive. I just wish they weren't trying to imitate a stepping fraternity. LOL.

JMK said...

I AGREE that the message IS positive Don!

What I have a problem with is the cult of personality - the idea that Barack Obama is somehow responsible for their inner motivation.

I'm not comparing Obama to any of those figures, BUT tyrants like Hitler and Stalin used that cult of personality to wreak a lot of havoc in their day.

It's that cultist worship and the attributing their own inner motivations to someone else that I find problematic.

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