Thursday, October 2, 2008

Conservatives in the Arts (Alvaro Alvillar)....


This coming Sunday there'll be a Gallery Reception with an artist's talk with Conservative artist Alvaro Alvillar this coming Sunday (October 5, 2008) at The Gallery East (1008e Woodland St, near Five Points) in East Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Alvillar is one of a small but growing group of Conservatives in the art world.

These folks are on the front lines of America's culture war.

Reservations can made by calling (615) 739-5433.

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alvaro Alvillar said...

thank you very much, joe,
your support is very appreciated!!!
sooner or later far left leaning, self loathing and ungrateful art might, if not take a back seat to, at least have some competition in the msm from those of us who are proud of our country.
yes, i am aware that my work, like all art work, can be viewed by some who would argue that it is inappropriate and not necessarily positive. i won't get into that argument except to say the viewer brings his/her own opinions to the work before ever setting eyes on it. huge argument!!!
i believe you are at the forefront of giving us a voice...small steps, you know.

thanks again, alvaro

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