Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Rough Week for the Political Class...

I started this post a week ago, but time constraints have severely limited my online time. This was initially going to be titled “A Rough Week for the Right,” focusing on Karl Rove being cited for Contempt of Congress and Senator Stevens (R-AL) being indicted for “impersonating a Democrat,” but the recent Edwards affair has changed that dynamic and made this overall, “A BAD Week for the Political Class.”

On consecutive days, Senator Ted Stevens was indicted and Karl Rove was cited for contempt of Congress.

In Stevens case, the infamous “bridge to nowhere” Senator seems guilty of “acting like a Democrat,” in that he’s charged with receiving over $250,000 in gifts and services from VECO Corp., a powerful oil services contractor, and its executives.

NBC reported, “The indictment says Allen and other VECO employees were soliciting Stevens for "multiple official actions ... knowing that Stevens could and did use his official position and his office on behalf of VECO during that same time period."

“VECO's requests included funding and other aid for the company's projects and partnerships in Pakistan and Russia. It also included federal grants from several agencies, as well as help in building a national gas pipeline in Alaska's North Slope Region, according to the indictment filed in Washington.

“Stevens has maintained he didn't do anything for VECO that he didn't do for any other constituent or pro-Alaska interest. The indictment stops short of charging Stevens with bribery or other traditional corruption crimes.”

Karl Rove was cited for defying a subpoena to answer questions about the dismissals of several federal prosecutors earlier this year.

Rove has denied any involvement with Justice decisions, and the White House has said Congress has no authority to compel testimony from current and former advisers.

While both Rove and Stevens are engaged in ongoing legal battles, John Edwards, the Left’s favorite moralist (“If we really want a more moral nation, it has to start with each and every one of us.”) has admitted to the affair The National Enquirer disclosed months ago.

Mainstream reporters knew the story to be true shortly after the Enquirer broke it. After all, if an ambulance chaser doesn’t file suit against a tabloid over a charge, then it’s almost certainly because the charge is true!

Still, they waited...and waited...and waited...UNTIL John Edwards, trying to head off further controversy, disclosed it himself.

There’s no question the mainstream press KNEW that Fred Baron, Edwards campaign finance chairman and longtime confidante, had been providing financial assistance to both Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young, a former campaign staff member who professes to be the father.

This week, the former North Carolina senator, who was the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2004, confessed to ABC News that he had lied repeatedly about the affair with 42-year-old Rielle Hunter. Hunter's daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter, was born on Feb. 27 this year. There was no father's name listed on the birth certificate, which was filed in California.

It’s amusing (not really) how the rabidly biased mainstream media (MSM) rationalizes smearing Conservatives on the grounds that “they preach morality, so it’s vital to expose such hypocrisy,” while equally moralistic Leftists, like Al Gore and John Edwards seem to escape their pseudo-wrath.

At any rate, all things considered, this has been a bad couple of weeks for the entire American political class. With any luck, it might do some good – turning off many idealistic folks from politics and their affinity for politicians.


Uncle Joe said...

Poli-ticks = Blood suckers every where.

Wouldn't it be a great thing if we could find honest leaders who care for nothing but the welfare of the country rather than personal gain and promotion of party politics?

The American people have no one to blame but themselves. Too many voters think they are participating voters in a popularity contest for SGA officers in high school, it seems.

Violence Worker said...

Hmmmm, Rove and I have something in common! We both have contempt for Congress!


Rachel said...

politically, the Edwards case is the "mark foley" and "other dude that toe taps" case for the Dems. The Dems were voted in more numbers in 2006 for change (sorry Obama) and all they have done is prosecute W and pick novelties for presidential candidates. Meanwhile, we are in a recessionary condition. This could be the last straw.

ps has anyone heard of the recent HHS letter about contraceptives equaling abortion? I'm surprised that has not been front page news

JMK said...

I think the wrong kind of people are drawn to politics (at least for the most part) UJ, something along the lines of the adage, "Producers produce..."

You and I BOTH VW.

One thing Liberals have that Conservatives don't Rachel, is friendly allies in the MSM.

That's why the Edwards ACTUAL affair is being treated with so much sensitivity, while the unfounded McCain allegations were thrown at the latter like brick bats.

For better, or worse (of course I feel for the worse) it seems more voters blame Republicans right now, than they do Democrats.

yes, a Democratic Congress holds a 12% approval rating, about half Bush's, BUT Mark Foley, Tom Delay, Larry Craig (the "toe tapper") and other Republicans have engaged in the same pork-barrel politics that they were sworn to end.

By 2005, there were very few small government Republicans left.

It was not at all unfair to say that the Republcians had become the Coke to the Democrat's Pepsi.

Now the roles are reversed and the Democrats are the lead dog (Coke) and if the GOP insists on offering up Pepsi as an alternative, they'll hasten the end of the two Party system and forge a multi-Party era, by making it clear that true reform could only come from outside the current two major Parties.

That may be a foregone conclusion anyway, as the "political class" on both sides have been complicit in ripping off the American taxpayer.
I hadn't heard about the abortion = contraception UNTIL you mentioned it, and even though I couldn't initially believe it, it seems to have some validity.

"The Bush administration has taken its latest swipe at contraception, but again under the pretense of opposing abortion. By manipulating scientific facts, the Department of Health and Human Services hopes to enshrine in federal law a conservative, ideological interpretation of pregnancy that has the potential to significantly limit women’s access to contraception.

"In 2004, Congress passed a budget rider commonly known as the “Weldon Amendment,” named after its sponsor, Rep. Dave Weldon (R-FL). This provision prohibits recipients of federal funds from “discriminating” against individuals or institutions who, due to reasons of conscience, refuse to provide abortion services, coverage, counseling, or referrals, even in an emergency."

As Forest Gump was wont to say, "Stupid is as stupid does, mam."

Perhaps more proof that the REAL Conservative movement may not ultimately be a Republican one.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey JMK!..great stuff..thats why the Bible cautions against being involved in politics...power is such a seduction and our politicians prove it every time!

JMK said...

America's Founders had the right idea Angel - LIMIT government at every turn.

They KNEW that it wasn't the monarchy or a dictatorship that made for bad government, it was man himself.

They rightly mistrusted ALL government, even their own.

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