Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Equalizing People Always Fails...

“...the more money a populace has, the more undue influence the wealthy have on what should be democratic decisions.”

Actually, the more money that individuals have the better the quality of life that society enjoys. Likewise, the more money that government has, the more intrusive that government becomes and the lower the quality of life for that society.

“The people,” (the electorate) has no right to make things more “egalitarian” economically.

A free market values some skills more than it foes others. That’s why rare and hard to master skills are often rewarded far greater than more mundane skills.

Stock brokers and surgeons who work long hours on skills that require painstaking attention to detail and constant and continuing education are rewarded many hundreds, often thousands of times more than an unskilled laborer and there’s neither any reason, nor any right that we, as citizens to try and equalize those disparities

The fundamental flaw of Marx’s inane “FROM each according to his abilities, TO each according to hiss needs,” is that such a dictum undeniably and inevitably results in a country filled with overweight gluttons, with bad backs, or in the Marxian vernacular, “No-work fat bastards.”


Because we always get MORE of what we reward and when high needs and indolence are rewarded, as they are with Marxism/socialism, the result is economic disaster.

Are people who earn huge incomes more worthy than those who don't?

Certainly the market attests that their skills are, so who are WE to disagree?


Uncle Joe said...

As Reagan said (paraphrased) "A Marxist is someone who reads Marx's writings. A Capitalist is someone who understands Marx's writings."

JMK said...

That's a GREAT quote UJ....and all too true.

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